Cuban Cohiba Cigar & Drink Pairings

February 14, 2019

When selecting a good drink to pair with the famous Cuban Cohiba cigar, as with all other premium cigars, you must simply match the body of the beverage to the body of the cigar making sure one doesn’t overpower the other.  However, before you can match the Cuban Cohiba cigar with a suitable libation, let’s take a closer look at this enormously popular Cuban heritage brand.

Created in 1966, Cuban Cohiba cigars were Fidel Castro’s very own personal blend that he reserved solely for himself and occasionally shared with diplomats visiting the country.  In 1982 the brand was offered to the eager public in three sizes, with many more to follow in the next couple of decades. Cuban Cohiba cigars, in many experts’ opinions are the best of the best, because along with top-notch construction, they are fashioned with only finest fully aged tobacco leaves grown in the famous Vuelta Abajo region of the country— an area blessed with the best climate and nutrient dense soils for growing these extraordinary handmade premium cigars. if you are lucky enough to get your hands on a genuine Cuban Cohiba cigar you are in for a very special thanks to its full-bodied, yet smooth and well-refined flavors of white pepper, baking spices, cocoa, earth, and a long-lasting creamy finish.

Now, that you know its body and strength profile, there are quite a few drinks that pair wonderfully with the versatile Cuban Cohiba cigar, these include just about any cognac, single malt whiskey, bourbon, rum, rye, Anisette, and port. Serious beer connoisseurs will find that the relatively high alcohol content and distinct toasty malt and chocolaty character of a dark IPA or stout, will make the flavors of the Cuban Cohiba cigar, as well as the brew, really pop! For those planning to go the non-alcoholic route, a good cup of espresso, or any gourmet coffee drink for that matter, will make the entire experience simply delightful.

In summary, knowing that taste is always subjective, you’ll sure have a lot of fun smoking these incredibly rich and rewarding Cohiba Cuban cigars while figuring out which pairing or pairings best suits your palate.


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