The Best Cigars Similar to Cuban Montecristo Cigars

October 9, 2018

Even if you’re a relative newcomer to the world of premium handmade cigars, there’s an excellent chance that you’ve heard about the famous Cuban Montecristo cigar. Produced in Cuba for Habanos SA, the Cuban state-owned tobacco company, this magnificent Monte has been a top choice among serious cigar enthusiasts since it was first introduced in 1935. However, In February of 1962, President John F. Kennedy established a trade embargo against Cuba to sanction Fidel Castro’s communist regime, and the export of this top-of-the-line brand came to a screeching halt! To this day, smokers are still looking for the best cigars similar to the original Cuban Montecristo that are readily available on the US market. But, before we can address this challenge, let’s take a closer look at this exiled Monte.

The Cuban Montecristo cigar is made with only the finest aged Cuban tobaccos harvested from the legendary Pinar del Rio region of the country. highly regarded as one of the best tasting cigars on the planet, this gem features a seamless, evenly colored chestnut brown wrapper and boasts impossibly firm construction that signifies top-notch craftsmanship and strict attention to detail. It’s a medium to full body blend brimming with complex layers of, almonds, toasted bread, cinnamon, white pepper, cedar, and coffee. Although powerful, the Cuban Montecristo cigar is a deceptively smooth and creamy smoke that even a relative newcomer to the hobby can handle providing they smoke it on a full stomach.

Padron 1964 Anniversary Series

Given this flavor profile, the first cigar that comes to mind is the Padron 1964  Anniversary Series cigars. Handmade by one of the most famous and respected cigar families in the industry, this Nicaraguan puro is full-bodied in strength, and brimming with flavors of coffee, chocolate, leather, and spice, that are so buttery smooth, they practically melt in your mouth!

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Alec Bradley Tempus

Another gem that fits the Cuban Montecristo cigar profile is the top-rated Alec Bradley Tempus cigars.  Expertly hand rolled with an aged blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan long leaf-fillers, covered by a stunning reddish-hue Habano wrapper, notes of sweet molasses, leather, roasted nuts, and toasted wood are accompanied by a peppery finish, to provide a medium to full body smoke that rivals the best cigars that Cuba has to offer.

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Tatuaje Fausto

For those longing for the great taste of the Cuban Montecristo cigar, the Tatuaje brand is a line of premium handmade cigars that you will want to consider. Although all of them are oozing with rich, Cuban style flavors, the Tatuaje Fausto really comes the closest in taste to the Cuban Monte. Created by cigar master Pete Johnson and manufactured under the supervision of Jaime Garcia at the famous My Father Cigar factory in Nicaragua, Tatuaje Fausto is crafted with Nicaraguan long-leaf fillers, a binder from Nicaragua, and a dark Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that provide tantalizing full-flavored notes of cinnamon, cedar, some earthy components, and pepper.

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La Flor Dominicana Ligero Cabinet Cigar

Rounding out this list of Cuban Montecristo cigar taste-a like’s is the heralded La Flor Dominicana Ligero Cabinet cigar. Clad in one of the oiliest, richest, Ecuadorian Sumatra wrappers that you will ever find, a core of perfectly aged Dominican tobaccos grown on the company’s famous farm in the Dominican Republic completes this savory recipe. With rich, full body flavors of dark roast coffee, earth, hickory wood, and hints of sweet spice and caramel, this is as close as you will ever come to a genuine Cubano without the need for a passport and a plane ticket!

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This decadent selection of premium cigars presented before you, are not only close to the Cuban Montecristo cigar by virtue of body and flavor, they also boast the same outstanding construction, and crisp even burn that this iconic cigar is famous for.

In conclusion, if you can get your hands on a genuine Cuban Montecristo cigar you are in for a very special treat, if not, we think this fabulous assortment highly rated smokes will offer an equally satisfying cigar smoking experience—Enjoy!


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