The Difference between a Cuban Montecristo Cigar and Dominican Montecristo Cigar

May 2, 2018

Very few luxury cigar brands in the world carry the weight of the Cuban Montecristo.  They are in the top tier along with Rolex and Bentley.  Montecristo has become one of the best Cuban cigars on the market, being sold in Cuban cigar stores in every corner of the planet, well except in the US.

The Montecristo brand started in the 1930s in Cuba.  At that point, many of the Cuban cigars we know of today were not in existence.  Only Romeo y Julieta, Partagas, and H.Upmann were well known, but people knew the quality of Cuban cigars at that point were beyond anything else being done.  The name of the brand is derived from the legendary work by Alexandre Du Mas, the Count of Montecristo.  There were no televisions or radios on the rolling floor, so cantors would read the great works of literature to the rollers throughout the workday.  They took inspiration from the Du Mas classic and the Cuban Montecristo Cigar was born

Montecristo then became the king of the Cuban cigar world.  The #2 torpedo size is still seen today as not only one of the most popular Habanos cigars in the world, but one of the best ever made.  Throughout the world, you can walk into any Cuban cigar store and find it fully stocked with Montecristo’s.

After the Cuban revolution, several high profiler cigar blenders left the communist nation to continue their trade throughout Central and South America.  In the years that followed, Montecristo cigars found a new home in the Dominican Republic.  While the Montecristo Cuban cigars are still being made by the government run cigar industry, the Dominican version is independently owned by a separate company.

In a few short years, the Dominican Montecristo matched its Cuban twin in terms of popularity and standing.  It is the best selling cigar brand in the US, the worlds largest cigar market.  They are the epitome of a smooth, luxurious smoke.  Their blends and profile are vastly different from their Cuban cigar counterpart, but the quality and complexity is still one of the best in the industry.  The difference between the Cuban cigar and Dominican cigar is not quality, just simply location and flavor profile.

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Hear from our cigar aficionado and his break down the differences of the two types origins:

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