Cuban Montecristo No. 2 Cigar Review

October 8, 2018

Montecristo No 2 Review

In 1935, at a small but prominent cigar factory in Cuba known as Mendezez, Garcia y Cia, a cigar was rolled for the first time that would change the world of tobacco.  It was the original torpedo, one of the first figurados sizes ever created.  That cigar was the legendary Cuban Montecristo #2 cigar.  Since then, it has become not only one of the best Cuban cigars in the world but one of the best cigars overall.  Out of all the Cuban Montecristo cigar sizes and lines that have been released since then, the #2 still reigns supreme.

The Cuban Montecristo #2 Cigar is hand rolled using aged tobaccos from the best fields of Cuba, which includes the famed Pinar del Rio region.  It is a Cuban Puro, as all Cuban cigars are, meaning it only uses tobaccos from Cuba.  The filler and binder tobaccos are carefully layered and bunched together to create a tight fit, yet opened enough for an amazing draw.  Its silky wrapper is light brown in color, with hardly any blemishes and is smooth to the touch.

When you first light up the cigar, you can see why this is been a constant success for almost a century.  Its complexity is only rivaled by its subtlety.  Notes of light spice and pepper blend effortlessly with notes of almonds and cedar.  It starts off as a solid mellow to medium body, but slowly it increases in strength and flavor with each passing puff.

By the middle of the cigar, it is a terrific full medium to full body with wonderful notes of white and black pepper along with a dash of leather and cinnamon.  Its aroma remains rich and enticing while its increased strength doesn’t add any harsh flavor or overbearing strong notes.  When you finish smoking it, your first thought is, I want another.

This cigar has remained unchanged since 1935, yet remains one of the best selling boxes of Cuban cigars in the world.  In 2013, almost 80 years after it was first rolled, Cigar aficionado magazine named it the best cigar of the year.  That is a dominance unseen in the world of Cuban cigars.

Although around the world there are plenty of Cuban cigar stores that will carry this, we are still waiting for them to be allowed here in the United States.  However, don’t let that upset you as in the modern era there are plenty of cigars with similar profiles to the Montecristo #2 Cuban cigar.  The Sobremesa by Steve Saka has a very comparable flavor profile, hitting those notes of pepper and cedar consistently throughout.  You should also check out the Arturo Fuente Hemingway which shares a similar figurados shape and also changes strength and complexity as you go through it.

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So if you have the chance and are traveling to a Cuban cigar store, the Montecristo #2 Cuban cigar is a clear choice.  However, if you are buying your cigars online here in the great US of A, there are plenty of options that will give you the same flavors and feelings as that wonderful Cuban cigar.


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