What to Look at for at Puro Sabor 2020

January 10, 2020

What to Look at for at Puro Sabor 2020

One of the world’s premier cigar festivals is back this year, and we couldn’t be more excited.  Puro Sabor, or the Nicaraguan Cigar Festival, is an annual festival to showcase the beauty and wonder of the Nicaraguan cigar industry.

While it was postponed last year dear to unrest in the region, the festival is back this January and is apparently better than ever.  I’ve had the pleasure of attending two different Puro Sabor events, and so I’ve decided to let those of you attending know what to expect.

Factory and Field Tours

The most important aspect of the festival is the chance to tour the fields and factories of the top Nicaraguan cigar manufacturers.  While you are broken up into groups, since there are way too many factories for you to visit in the few days of the trip, you’ll have to chance to see first-hand how some of your favorite cigars are made.

Manufacturers that are included in the festival include such esteemed companies as RoMa Craft, AJ Fernandez, My Father, Drew Estate, Joya de Nicaragua and many more.  For any cigar smoker, this part of the trip alone is worth the price.

Nicaraguan Culture

Besides touring the fields and factories, you also have the chance to take in the wonder that is Nicaragua.  On the first day of the event, you have the opportunity to visit the colonial city of Granada.  This city has such a rich history and unique architecture that it has actually been proposed as a World Heritage Site.

You will also get to sample some of the finest foods and beverages in the country.  There is a rum tasting with the legendary Flor de Cana, one of the world’s most celebrated rums made in the heart of Nicaragua.  For the traveler and adventurer, the chance to take in the breath of Nicaragua is in itself a worthwhile trip.

Gala Dinners

Each night of the festival is punctuated by a massive dinner party.  The second night, they provide each guest with a traditional, white guayabera to attend what’s known as the White party.  The food is fantastic, the music is vivacious, the drink flows, and of course, there will be more cigars then you know what to do with.

The final night is an upscale gala dinner, usually held outside the drew Estate Factory.  It is a great opportunity to discuss the events of the week with your fellow guests and facetime with some of your favorite manufacturers.


Of course, the event wouldn’t be complete without a plethora of cigars.  As soon as you arrive at registration, you are given a bag containing cigars from each of the manufacturers involved in the event.  During each tour and dinner, more cigars will be provided including for tastings and pairings.

If your goal is just to stock up on some great cigars, this is the event for you.


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