Nicaraguan Cigar Festival Day 1

January 21, 2016


We are about to embark on an epic journey, one that will take us deep into Central America to the modern-day cigar capital of the world. The Nicaraguan Cigar Festival is one of the industry’s biggest gatherings, with hundreds of people from over 30 countries coming together to witness for themselves the magic that is Nicaragua. Our journey began on a warm Tuesday night.

After checking into our hotel in Managua, we were whisked away to the beautiful Lake Managua for a ferry ride. It was on this ferry that the first of our Cigar Moments, served by the beautiful Cigar Girls, would take place (the Festival created the concept of the Cigar Moment, which means that the same cigar is given to everyone at once to invite collective enjoyment and discussion of the product). Tonight we are smoking an Oliva Serie V and a brand known as Mombacho. Both cigars were extraordinary and immediately brought the group together.


The ferry took a quick trip around the lake and the lights illuminating the surrounding streets were beautiful and dazzling. This area of the capital has become a bastion for civic and national pride and it’s easy to see why. Following our delicious Cigar Moment, we boarded the buses to head back to the hotel. The festival had not even technically started, yet we all knew we were in for something truly special.


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