New Cigars from Drew Estate

June 30, 2019

Every year I think there is no way that Drew Estate can top their booth, new cigars and presentation from the year before.  Every year I am wrong.  They went all out this year from the set up to the water tower and the “Acid Room”, which we will get to in a moment.  This year was focused primarily on Acid as the brand is celebrating their 20th Anniversary, while brands such as the Undercrown received a few new limited editions.


The Undercrown Dogma, once a private release collaborated with the Cigar Dojo team, now has new packaging.  The Undercrown Shady, a collaboration between Drew Estate and Eminem’s Shady Records released a new limited edition, celebrating 20 years for the record company.  The Undercrown Shade also has a new limited size and tweaked blend known as the Suprema.  All of the original Undercrown will also be available in special gift sets complete with unique branded cutters and lighters only available in the set.  These will all soon be available at JR Cigars.


The real treat this year was Acid.  Celebrating 20 years of the worlds best infused cigar, Drew went all out.  First they have the Acid 20, a special aged maduro cigar that in my mind is one of the best the brand has ever released.  They also announced a team up with 5 of NYCS most well known graffiti artists on a special project known as Acid Kuba Arte.  Each of the artists designed a different water tower box design which will package the cigars.


We are very excited to take part in the 20th Anniversary of the Acid brand and look forward to all of these new cigars from Drew Estate being available on our website very soon.


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