Drew Estate Connecticut Valley Barn Smoker

August 12, 2015


This weekend I had the absolute pleasure of attending another great cigar event hosted by Drew Estate.  The Drew Estate Connecticut Valley Barn Smoker is the second such event organized by the company, the first being last year’s Kentucky Barn Smoker, and I have to say JD out did himself.  It took place right in the tobacco fields of the river valley and it drew a massive crowd.  The guests were given tours of the fields of the curing barns by some of drew estates finest including Sam Morales and the great Willy Herrera.


Its hard to believe that an industry with such deep roots in South America gets a vital piece of its puzzle right here in the U.S. …and from Connecticut of all places.  Yet, when you stand there, under the great blue sky, and you see the endless green of the fields and that amazing smell hits you, it would make any cigar smoker feel right at home.  Besides being just an amazing field trip for cigar enthusiasts, Jonathan also knows how to throw a party.  Angels Envy was present along with some great BBQ.


You are also going to hate me when you find out what was in the goodie bag.  Drew Estate was handing out some of its rarest and most sought after cigars including: The Liga Privada A, The Ratzilla, and the Velvet Rat.  Drew Estate also donated a huge amount of its proceedings to the great Cigars for Warriors foundation…a terrific organization that helps to send cigars overseas to our service men and women.  This was a fantastic event and I of course look forward to any event Drew Estate hosts in the future


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