Wild Hunter by Oscar Valladares

August 22, 2019

Wild Hunter by Oscar Valladares

This year’s IPCPR show, Oscar Valladares was coming out swinging with two big releases. First was the funky and strong Super Fly that we’ve already covered.  The next was another out of the box release for the normally traditional Oscar.  First, be careful you don’t miss the box on the shelves because it is camouflage, so it’ll blend in easily.  Known as the Wild Hunter, this newest cigar is a pair of Honduran cigars perfect for the hunter in all of us.


The Wild Hunter is handcrafted at Oscars factory in the heart of Honduras. It uses filler and binder tobaccos from Oscar’s personal farm in the Copan region. It is also available in two different wrapper varieties. There’s a spicy and zesty natural wrapper and a dark and rich Oscuro, both from the Copan region of Honduras.


While The Super Fly is known for its strength, the Wild Hunter is going to be known for its balance and complexity. Each puff delivers a plethora of flavor notes including signature Honduran tones of earth, Leather and a little pepper but not too much.  The natural has a bit more spice to it but also has an undertone of nuts wood that I found great.  The Oscuro is my favorite however, with rich dark fruit notes as well as a touch of dark roast coffee.


Besides having a top-notch blend, the most notable part of the Wild Hunter is its packaging.  They are rolled into a Toro sized and packaged in boxes of 20.  Each box is covered with a felt, camouflage material.  Oscar had the idea after attending several cigar events and understanding that a large part of his customer base consists of hunters.


I am personally not a hunter so I can’t recommend if these are the perfect cigar to take out into the woods with you. However, I will say this is a spectacular blend and one I would highly recommend to medium-bodied aficionados.  The Wild Hunter is now available here at JR Cigars.

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