Why You Should Join JR Plus

October 24, 2019

Why You Should Join JR Plus

With online shopping becoming the major retail operation in the country, e-commerce sites are stepping up their game to offer benefits to loyal customers.  For the past few years, we here at JR Cigars have offered a membership program that has made us stand apart in the cigar industry.


Following in the footsteps of online giants like Amazon, we have crafted a program that offers great discounts, exclusive deals and so much more.  Let’s break down all the benefits of JR Plus and see why you should join today.

Free Shipping

The most popular benefit and a driving force behind JR Plus is our offer of free shipping.  By joining JR Plus, you will get free Best Way shipping on any order, no minimums or exclusions.


Best Way shipping is a means of shipping based upon the cost and the location the package is being sent to.  It is free ground shipping with either UPS or USPS depending on where you are.  We calculate what the fastest and best way is to get you your products within the week.


The free shipping goes for any order, so if you want to buy one single cigar or nine boxes, it is still free and will get you in a fast, reasonable fashion.

Exclusive Deals

By joining JR Plus, you also have access to exclusive cigar deals that are not available to the general public.  JR Plus members are offered up five exclusive deals each month.  There is a special deal offered each week, along with a monthly deal in the JR Plus Newsletter, which is also exclusive to our members.


These deals range from discounts, to free accessories, or special made sampler packs that will only be available to you.  You can check out this JR Plus deal right here.

Access to New Arrivals

For the avid cigar smoker, this benefit is the real gem of the package.  New cigar arrivals are always a big deal, especially when they are limited productions or yearly releases.  Nothing is worse than when you are excited for a new release, only to find that it is sold out in a day.  With JR Plus, you will no longer have that worry.


Anytime a new cigar arrives in our warehouse, JR Plus members are notified first.  This gives you an edge in making sure that with any new cigar you are looking for, you will get the first crack at buying it.


While this doesn’t mean much for general releases that are available all the time, for a limited run of 10 boxes per store, this could make a big difference, and for a cigar nerd like me, that’s a big deal.

Join JR Plus Today

All of these tremendous benefits are available to you for just $59.99 a year.  That’s a tremendous deal just in saving shipping costs, not to mention the other benefits.  If you’d like to join the JR family, click here and start to enhance your cigar experience today.


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