Why Cigars Make the Perfect Christmas Gift

December 23, 2019

Why Cigars Make the Perfect Christmas Gift

The holidays could literally not be any closer, and I am sure many of you are like me and doing your last-minute shopping right now.  When thinking of what to get your loved one for the holidays this year, I would ask that you take the time to consider some cigars.

While it is a hobby practiced by few, we, the members of the cigar community, are passionate about our craft. Many of you might be confused as to why cigars make the perfect Christmas gift, so allow me to explain it to you in the following ways.

They Are Personal

Cigars are a personal gift, and when they are given as one, they make a statement.  This isn’t a gift card or some socks.  Cigars show that you took the time to understand the person you are giving to and have gifted them a personal item you know they will enjoy.

By gifting cigars, you are showing that you understand and care about the person’s interests.  If you get them their favorite brands, that’s even better, and will really touch the heart of a cigar connoisseur.

They are Disposable

Ok, this sounds like a weird one but follow me here.  How many times have you received a gift during Christmas or Hanukah and thought to yourself “what the hell am I going to do with this?” Some gifts can be more imposing then they are meant to be, and by the end of December, your house is filled with a bunch of nonsense that you re-gift or throw away.  Do you know how many useless trinkets I have in my kitchen?  The answer is way too many.

This is another reason why cigars can be the perfect gift; they are consumable products.  After you are done smoking them, you simply toss them out.  What joy can that bring you, to know that after I use this product, it is simply gone and that I got the most use out of it?  Cigars are a way more practical gift for many than say, three crock pots, which I do have.

They Bring Joy

This may be the simplest idea listed here, but I think it is, in fact, the most important.  Cigars bring people joy.  They aren’t a new office chair or a new set of spoons.  Those can be great, useful gifts, but all they do is aide us in the mundane normality of everyday life.  Cigars are an escape from that.

They provide us with just a little bit of time for relaxation, meditation, and self-reflection.  My time with a cigar is my time, and all the worries of the day seem to fade into a puff of rich and flavorful smoke.  When you give a cigar smoker cigars for a gift, you aren’t just giving them a physical item, you are giving them time, time to relax and unwind and enjoy.  This is why cigars are perfect gifts, they simply spread joy.


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