Visol Cigar Cases

November 1, 2019

Visol Cigar Cases

Visol Products is the proud maker of an incredibly diverse selection of cigar accessories that include cutters, ashtrays, lighterscigar cases,  and more, all made to enhance the premium cigar smoking experience.  This exceptional quality is displayed in the line of top-quality cigar cases that we focus on today, that all boast outstanding construction, durability, and handsome design, all for an affordable price.

If you are the person that chooses to enjoy a nice cigar or two from time to time when you are out and about on the town, a cigar case is a must-have, and Visol will have you traveling in style.

That said,  Let’s have a look at four cigar cases that can hold your favorite sizes and ring gauges in quantities of one, two or three, and find out why Visol has become one of our bestselling lines.

Visol Legend Brown Genuine Leather Cigar Case

Made of buttery smooth top-grain leather, the Legend Brown Genuine Leather 2-Cigar Case from Visol can handle up to two 60-ring cigars comfortably, and in well-appointed style.  Fully adjustable to accommodate just about every length cigar, the Legend fits conveniently inside of your coat pocket, or briefcase, and makes a bold fashion statement when you take it out.

Visol Naturale Black Leather Crushproof Cigar Case

The Naturale looks stylish and refined while offering the utmost in protection for your prized premium handmade pleasures. Top-grain brushed leather, high- grade stainless steel, and a Spanish cedar lined interior all combine to make a virtually indestructible cigar case that can accommodate up to three 52-ring cigars. Do you like your sticks long? Not a problem! The Naturale telescopes to accommodate just about any length cigar that you choose.

Visol Grayson Carbon Fiber Cigar Tube

With the top-quality Grayson Carbon Fiber Cigar Tube in your pocket or jacket,  a single cigar up to a 54-ring is kept safe inside a sturdy, virtually indestructible stainless-steel barrel. The Carbon fiber exterior, with its superior strength, yet lightweight design,  offers another layer of protection, as well as providing striking good looks. This is certainly a classy and safe way to take just one stick to the party!

Visol Night II Carbon Fiber Larger 3-Finger Cigar Case

Made of carbon fiber, a crushproof and almost indestructible material, that’s ten times harder than steel, the Night II Carbon Fiber 3 Finger Case offers much more than just the optimum protection for your valuable premium handmade cigars. The top-quality Night II can hold up to three 64- ring gauge smokes while still having a little breathing room. Furthermore,  it telescopes for those who prefer a very long size.  More than just highly functional, Carbon fiber is used widely in aircraft components and structures, yet, the Night II is classy enough to accent any formal attire for those special nights out on the town.


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