Two Great New Cigars from CAO!

October 12, 2015

For over a decade, the name CAO has been synonymous with premium quality, flawless construction, and superb flavor. Never failing to impress, this progressive company is always thinking outside of the box, by offering unique, one-of-a kind blends to the market that virtually reinvent the art of the cigar.

Making a huge hit at this year’s International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers trade show (IPCPR) in New Orleans, are two new cigars from CAO that are already flying out of our warehouse.

CAO Flathead Steel Horse is fashioned after the” Made in America “motorcycle and muscle car culture that became enormously popular right after World War II, and still thrives today. Therefore, with hotrods, Harley’s and sexy pinup chick posters in greasy gas stations in mind, we’ll take in depth look at these finely tuned stogies.

According to Flathead Fred’s Hot Rod Emporium and Vape Shop in Little Pidgeon, Alaska, a Flathead engine is an internal combustion engine with valves placed in the engine block beside the piston, instead of in the cylinder head. It looks like an upside down L. Copying this design, this distinctive handmade is a box pressed parejo with a squared-off head. It should also be noted, that except for the cigar, I made this whole paragraph up in my sick twisted mind, but I digress …

The Steel Horse is a flawlessly built, packed solid like a rock, yet has a perfect draw. The cigar comes with a smooth chocolate brown Connecticut wrapper that is oily to the feel. Under the hood resides a zesty Brazilian binder and well-aged filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

This beauty tastes as good as it looks. Medium to full bodied, this flavor hog is loaded with lofty notes of dark chocolate, cedar, oak, and coffee, with a subtle spicy core. The final third is as rich and complex as the first, making it very hard to put down. You could literally burn your thumb trying to get every morsel of taste out of these babies.

Steel Horse comes to you in two (fittingly), motorcycle part inspired names that would make even Flathead Fred proud! The Apehanger, named after big handlebars, is a huge 5.5 x 58 log, and the Bullneck (a type of motorcycle frame) is an even fatter 6.5 x 66 behemoth. Rounding out the lineup is the Steel Horse Collection with Gremlin Bell, which is just a 5-pack of the Apehanger, affording you the opportunity to take a little test drive. So what the Hell is a Gremlin Bell, you ask? According to Fred’s office manager Bertha, it’s a small bell attached to a motorcycle, believed by some bikers to scare off road gremlins. but in in your case, to scare off those cheap-ass cigar gremlins that are always eyeing your stash.

Next on the docket is the new CAO Pilon, and this one comes with a little cigar history lesson.

A standard tobacco pilon is a pile of tobacco or (hands) that are 10-15 tobacco leaves tied together, that are allowed to heat up and ferment. In the 19th century, many manufacturers used what is called a circular pilon. Employing this method, the hands are carefully layered in a circular pattern, so that the tobacco ferments at a slower rate, thus enhancing the flavor of each cigar. This method is very time consuming and costly, but to bring you the very best taste possible, CAO is using this long forgotten technique on every Pilon cigar.

Please remember all of this information, there will be a quiz next Tuesday!


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