Top Flavored and Infused Cigars for Black Friday

November 20, 2019

Top Flavored and Infused Cigars for Black Friday

The holiday shopping season is in full swing, and here at JR Cigars, we are well prepared for the battleground that is Cyber Week. Our Black Friday is looking to be one of the best in our history, which translates to much better deals for our customers.

We have deals on our full range of products, so this is the perfect time to stock up on your favorite smokes.  For those of you who prefer a flavored or infused cigar, you are going to have some great options this Black Friday. Here are some of the top flavored and infused cigars to pick up.

Acid Kuba Kuba

Acid Kuba Kuba is known as not only one of the most popular infused cigars in the industry but also one of the best-selling cigars of any kind in the country. It was one of the original Acid blends and helped to elevate Drew Estate from a  unique, small boutique company to the giant it is today.

The Kuba Kuba is hand-rolled at the Drew Estate factory in the heart of Esteli, Nicaragua. It uses aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos and is used for a smooth and flavorful center, along with a Connecticut shade wrapper for depth and additional notes of cream.  Each cigar is then infused with the secret Acid mix of spices and herbs for that signature flavor.

There is going to be a limited sale on the Kuba Kuba this Black Friday, so make sure to check it out.

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M by Macanudo

Macanudo has thrown its hat into the flavored ring, and we are glad it did.  Last year saw the release of the first flavored cigar from this legendary brand, and it is among my personal favorites.  The blenders were able to combine the rich flavors people look for in an infused cigar with the high-end quality and construction people expect from a Macanudo.

The M is hand-rolled using Nicaraguan tobacco and an Indonesian Besuki wrapper. This blend already makes it an incredibly flavorful cigar.  Following this, the cigar is infused with rich coffee flavors, giving it notes of nuts, cream, and robust coffee beans. This is the perfect cigar to enjoy with your morning cup, check out our review of the M by Macanudo cigar for our thoughts on this premium cigar.

There will be a huge, end-of-day sale on Black Friday, and the M by Macanudo will be included so don’t miss out.

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Rocky Patel Java Maduro

While I do not regularly smoke flavored cigars, when I am in the mood, there are a few select ones I reach for. The Rocky Patel Java is at the top of that list.  The cigar is made for Rocky by Drew Estate, which is the king of the infused and flavored cigar.  While the Java comes in a few different varieties, the original Java Maduro has always been a winner.

This Nicaraguan cigar uses a dark Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper- the same leaf that is used as a binder on some of the top Drew Estate cigars such as Undercrown and Liga.  The cigar is then infused with tremendous coffee notes.  You’ll get hints of espresso, macchiato, cream and dark chocolate.  It is literally the perfect cigar for any coffee fan.

On Black Friday, we’ll be offering a tiered deal with different levels of discounts. Make sure to add a box of the Rocky Patel Java to your cart.

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