Top Five Cigar Samplers for Christmas

December 10, 2019

Top Five Cigar Samplers for Christmas

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but a nice cigar sampler can be so delightful.  The holiday season is upon us, and there is no better time to stock up on your favorite cigar samplers.

I have always been an advocate of samplers.  I prefer a variety and love to try something different.  I feel a lot of cigar smokers share this preference, and so I decided to put together a list of the best cigar samplers to pick up for Christmas.

Macanudo Mash Up

The beauty of a cigar sampler is that they offer not just a variety of cigars from different brands, but different cigars from the same brand.  That will give the smoker a unique insight into the similarities and differences between different cigars made at the same factory.

This is why the Macanudo Mash-Up is such a great pack.  This sampler features two or more of four different kinds of Macanudo cigars.  You’ll get the smooth and creamy original Macanudo Café, the dark and rich Macanudo Maduro, and the bold and highly rated Macanudo Cru Royale and more.

By smoking thee cigars, you’ll be able to comprehend and appreciate their difference, but also the subtle similarities that make Macanudo one of the premier company’s in the industry.

Chunky Monkey Bundle

Having a sampler of different cigars and different sizes is always a sweet deal, but having different cigars in your favorite size is always better.  While personally, I prefer a smaller ring gauge, big 60 ring cigars are becoming incredibly popular and are among the best-selling sizes.

The Chunky Monkey Bundle offers you four, top-notch cigars, and all rolled in a big 6X60 vitola.  You’ll receive the Romeo 1875, the Romeo Reserva Real, the Monte by Montecristo, and the H.Upmann 1884, all for an incredible price.  This is a must-have pack for fans of the big ring gauge.

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Altadis Dominican Lovers

While many cigar smokers, such as myself, love the variety of cigars made in various countries, many have their personal preferences.  The Dominican Republic is one of the world’s leading cigar manufacturing nations, and the country has created some of the most popular and beloved cigars in the industry.  For fans of flavorful, Dominican smokes, we have created the perfect sampler.

The Altadis Dominican Lovers sampler offers up five different, premium Dominican cigars.  It includes the legendary Montecristo White, the best-selling Romeo 1875, and the rich and bold H.Upmann 1844 Reserve.  Each of these cigars offers up the solid flavor, consistent quality, and the best characteristics of a high-end, Dominican cigar.

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Three Buck Betty

Now, I may prefer a higher-end cigar, however, you can’t deny the importance and also the bargain you can get on a budget cigar.  In many cases, these lower-priced cigars are coming out of the same factory that makes your favorite premium smoke. The difference might just be in the wrapper, or the cigar itself might not be aged as long.  If you have a keen eye and are willing to try different things, you can find some fantastic cigars at a budget price.

This is where the Three Buck Betty comes into place.  This sampler showcases 11 of our best budget cigars.  These everyday gems are among our best-sellers and are perfect for the everyday aficionado on a budget.

The sampler includes such legendary brands as La Finca, Casa de Garcia, and our very own JR Alternatives.  The name of the sampler refers to the fact that you are getting all these cigars for less than $3 each.  That’s quite a bargain, even if I say so myself.

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Top Five Cigars for Winter

Our social media samplers are among my favorite.  Is that because I make them myself? Well, maybe, but regardless, they are packed with some of the highest-rated cigars in the industry.  The perfect one to pick up this holiday season is our Top Five Cigars for Winter pack.

This sampler includes five different cigars that are bold, flavorful and the perfect way to warm yourself up this during the long, cold winter.  It includes the legendary RoMa Craft Neanderthal, the smoky Drew Estate KFC, and the new Ramon Allones from AJ Fernandez.

You’ll get five of these cigars for an incredibly low price, and if you order today, you’ll get them right before your next big snowstorm.

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