Top Five New Cigars of 2020

November 4, 2020

Top Five New Cigars of 2020

Every year when new cigars come out, we pack our bags and travel to Las Vegas and attend the PCA, formerly known as the IPCPR. All the industries titans attend and set up a booth showcasing all the new cigars they’ve made over the past year. It’s something fans and cigar manufacturers enjoy and look forward to each year. For the obvious reasons, the PCA convention was not held this year, so we couldn’t check the new cigars out in person this year.

However, that didn’t stop us from trying new cigars and compiling a top 5 list as well as a sampler for all to enjoy. This week we are bringing you our top five new, favorite cigars to hit the market in 2020. From Camacho to Drew Estate, we give you a list that was extremely hard to trim down, but totally worth trying out. Don’t forget to get the limited time sampler of the Top 5 New cigars below today!

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Crowned Heads Mil Dias

Crowned Heads has a few limited editions that come out every year that could fall under this list. However, Mil Dias is this new and exciting smoke from Crowned Heads. Jon Huber wasn’t the only mastermind behind the Mil Dias. Longtime collaborator and friend Don Eradio Pichardo provided Jon with an endless amount of rich blending samples. Translating to “one thousand days”, Mil Dias is in reference to the three-year window of time it required to bring this project to fruition.

Manufactured at Tabacalera Pichardo in Nicaragua, the Mil Dias is a four vitola collection comprised of a Nicaraguan binder, filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, Peru, and Costa Rica, finishing with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. Mixed with modern luxury and iconic tradition, the end result is a profile where heritage meets the future. Jon Huber states that the Mil Dias represents the journey of his relationship with Don Eradio Pichardo, as well as highlighting the fruitfulness of their strategic alliance. As cigar lovers, we are grateful that Don Eradio Pichardo granted Jon Huber the delicious tobaccos that ultimately led to the Mil Dias.

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Herrera Esteli Broadleaf Lancero

Created by master blender Willy Herrera and the folks over at Drew Estate, the Herrera Esteli Broadleaf Lancero is a full-bodied smoke that was handmade at the La Gran Fabrica in Nicaragua. Released in September 2020, the Broadleaf Lancero is always complex to blend together according to Willy Herrera. He states that Broadleaf will provide the burst in rich flavor, but the true art in making the Lancero is how you bunch together the filler tobaccos that provides the complexity.

Cloaked in Broadleaf tobaccos, while Nicaraguan tobaccos provide the make-up of the binder and filler, the Herrera Esteli Broadleaf Lancero is packed to the brim with rich, luxurious flavors. Sweet and Savory flavors of chocolate, black cherry, earth, and cream will have you craving for more. Apart from the fine pedigree of Herrera Esteli cigars, it’s time for you to add these Cuban-inspired Broadleaf Lancero cigars to your humidor sooner than later.

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Camacho Nicaragua

Released in July 2020 for retailers across the United States, the Camacho Nicaragua is a brand-new smoke that has a whole lot of flavor. Produced at the Diadema Factory in Honduras, this Davidoff produced cigar has an eye-catching color scheme that was first established back in 2013. Davidoff of Geneva released a statement saying that Camacho Nicaragua was created to add depth and a fresh look to the Camacho core portfolio in hopes of bringing in a wide range of consumers.

Cloaked in an Ecuador wrapper, with a binder from Honduras and filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras, this medium to full-bodied smoke delivers delicious flavor notes right off the bat. Once lit and after your first few puffs, the Camacho Nicaragua Toro will provide a long-lasting savory draw that will be hard to put the smoke down. If you are looking for some new smokes to your collection, then add a box of 20 of the Camacho Nicaragua to that list today!

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Black Works Studio Killer Bee

James Brown, creator of Black Label Trading Co. launched his new project called Black Works Studio in 2015. James Brown created Black Works Studio, so it’d give him his very first opportunity to use his factory as “his playground”. Brown was able to showcase his abilities as a cigar maker and in December of 2015, Brown released the Killer Bee at his Fabrica Oveja Negra factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. Five years later, Black Works Studio has become one of the most unique companies within the industry that has one luxurious lineup.

When it comes to the Killer Bee Swarm from BWS, you’ll be experiencing the true testimony of the fine age-old art of cigar rolling and tobacco blending. Featured in. 5 x 46 size, the Killer Bee Swarm has an Ecuadorian Maduro wrapper, Nicaraguan Habano binder, and Nicaraguan fillers. This full-bodied smoke has an eye-catching pigtail cap and highly complex flavor notes of leather, spice, cinnamon, and cocoa. If you’re a fan of artfully crafted, delicious cigars, then the Killer Bee Swarm is a smoke that has to be a staple in your humidor right now.

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Tatuaje Black Label Britanicas Extra

The Tatuaje Private Reserve, better known as the Tatuaje Black Label, was a blend that only owner of Tatuaje Cigars Pete Johnson had his hands on. Johnson would only hand out these smokes to a select few or at specific events held by Tatuaje. After being sought after over the years, in 2011 Pete Johnson released the specs of the Britannica’s Extra vitola to construct other Cuban style cigars all throughout the industry.

The Tatuaje Black Label Britannica is a full-bodied smoke that has a Nicaraguan Sun Grown Criollo wrapper and Nicaraguan tobaccos that make up the binder and filler. Blended by Pete Johnson himself, the Britannicas Extra has a plethora of delicious flavor notes such as leather, sweet spice, cedar, and cinnamon. Johnson only produced a total of 10,000 Britanicas Extra, which breaks down to 500 boxes shipped in total back in September 2020. Not only are these gems new, but they’re very limited as well.


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