Top Five New Years Resolution Cigars

December 23, 2020

Top New Years Cigars of 2020

When a new year approaches we get to reflect on the things we got to experience and the experiences we wish we had the chance to do. Whether it be going to the gym, traveling more, reading more books, or trying new cigars.

With so many cigars out there in the world, it’s hard to try all of them. You may miss cigars that came out three to four years ago, or you may only stick to one specific brand and don’t venture off the beaten path you’re used to. Well, that’s where we come in!

So five members of the JR team each hand-picked a cigar they’d like to smoke and why they chose that specific smoke. There are some surprising smokes on this list, but we promise you will not be disappointed. Without further ado, here are our team’s Top 5 2020 New Years Resolution Cigars for our team to try. Don’t forget to check out the limited time sampler in the link below.

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Arturo Fuente Hemingway Signature

After three years of being employed here at JR, our lead videographer Greg has developed a taste for excellence. That’s why for 2021 Greg wanted to try and smoke more Arturo Fuente. Specifically, the Signature Maduro.

Manufactured at the Tabacalera Fuente, the Signature Maduro is released in limited quantity twice a year. With them not being readily available we can see how Greg hasn’t had a chance to get his hands on these bad boys.

This 6 x 47 perfecto smoke is cloaked in a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, with a binder and filler from the Dominican Republic. The Signature Maduro has flawless construction as well as a hallmark smoke under the Arturo Fuente catalog. This medium-bodied smoke smooth flavor notes such as cocoa, spice, cedar, and slight peppery notes on the back end.

Greg was excited to have this smoke in this week’s sampler so he can start the new year off on the right foot by enjoying the Arturo Fuente Signature Maduro.

Oliva Serie V Melanio

If you’ve been an avid follower of us here at JR Cigars, you know that Nick Libretti has an abundance of knowledge of a lot of cigar brands and lines. One cigar he wants to enjoy more in 2021 is the Oliva Serie V Melanio.

We all have our favorites, and he wants to revisit a brand he had a lot of when he first started working in the industry ten years ago. So, it only makes sense that wants to smoke more of the Serie V Melanio from Oliva due to the fact this particular cigar won Cigar of the Year in 2014.

The Oliva Serie V Melanio in the 5 x 52 Robusto size has an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, with binder and filler tobaccos that hail from Nicaragua. Boasting with tobaccos that are grown exclusively on the Oliva family farm, the compelling flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking the Serie V Melanio are chocolate, wood, fruit, espresso, and cream.

Nick’s knowledge and wisdom with cigars are unparallel to anyone in the industry that it’s only right he wants to invest more time in the Oliva Serie V Melanio.

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Crowned Heads La Coalicion

The La Coalicion from Crowned Heads is the one cigar that our Video Media Specialist “Secret Chris” hopes to smoke more of in 2021. He has enjoyed a handful of smokes from Crowned Heads but hasn’t smoked enough of the La Coalicion. The sweet aroma of the cigar emulates a delicious piece of dark chocolate and Chris does in fact love his various pieces of chocolate.

This collaboration between Crowned Heads and Drew Estate is a 6.50 x 54 full-bodied smoke that is all around rich, dark, and bold. Blended at the La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate Factory, the La Coalicion is cloaked in a Connecticut Broadleaf, with a Sumatra binder, and filler tobaccos from Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. Delicious flavor notes the La Coalicion provide are leather, sweet spice, pepper, cream, and cocoa.

It’s easy to understand why Chris wants to smoke more La Coalicion that was created by two iconic companies in the industry.

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Illusione Garagiste

Brendan is one of our product merchants here at JR Cigars that works tirelessly alongside us in coming up with these Top 5 lists and sampler packs. In fact, we did a Top 5 list for Brendan’s birthday and an Illusione was in that sampler as well.

Brendan told us he has smoked a plethora of different smokes throughout his life, but recently he’s been on an Illusione kick. One specific line from Illusione he wants to dive deep into in 2021 is the Illusione Garagiste.

The Illusione Garagiste is a 4.25 x 50 Short Robusto that is cloaked in an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, over Nicaraguan Criollo ’98 and Nicaraguan Corojo ’99 tobaccos that make up the binder and filler. This medium to full-bodied smoke has savory flavor notes of sweet spice, pepper, chocolate, leather, and cocoa. This luxurious premium smoke that is the Illusione Garagiste comes in a box of 20 and is available today, here at JR.

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Oscar Valladares Wild Hunter

The newest member of our team is SEO manager, Derek. Before working at JR Derek wasn’t much of an avid cigar smoker. But since he’s been working here for about a year, he’s opened his palate and mind to trying all different types of cigars.

After smoking the Oscar Valladares Super Fly, Derek wanted to try another smoke from Oscar Valladares, so Nick recommended the Wild Hunter by Oscar to Derek and he fell in love with it. Although Derek only smoked the Wild Hunter once, he wants to give more attention to the smoke in 2021.

This rare Honduran puro is a medium to full-bodied smoke with an oily, jet black Oscuro wrapper. Flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking the Wild Hunter are leather, earth, nuts, and spice. If you’re looking for a new smoke like Derek is, then the Oscar Valladares Wild Hunter is the right choice.

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