Top 5 Torpedo Cigars

January 16, 2020

Top 5 Torpedo Cigars of 2021

Over time I’ve grown a certain fondness for all different types of cigars. One cigar that stands out above the rest, at least by the looks of it, is the Torpedo cigar. Torpedo cigars, also referred to as “pyramid cigars” may be a bit tough to cut and smoke at times, but that’s all apart of the allure of Torpedo cigars. The shape and construction of a Torpedo cigar provides a plethora of complex flavors that hit the palate differently than a Robusto or a box-pressed cigar.

You can find out Top 5 Torpedo Cigars of 2020 in the list below, but today we have an updated list of some premium Torpedo smokes. From Arturo Fuente to Montecristo, here are our Top 5 Torpedo Cigars of 2021. Don’t forget to get the limited time sampler in the link below.

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Montecristo No. 2 Torpedo

Leading off our Top 5 Torpedo Cigars of 2021 hails from the very famous brand from Altadis USA. The Montecristo No. 2 Torpedo. The Montecristo brand dates back all the way to 1935, where this brand was first manufactured in the heart of Cuba. Now expertly rolled at the La Romana factory in the Dominican Republic, the Montecristo No. 2 Torpedo is one of the most sought after smokes all throughout the industry.

This 6 x 50 medium-bodied smoke is cloaked in a gorgeous Connecticut wrapper, all while featuring tobaccos from the Dominican Republic that make up the binder and filler. Some delicious flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking the Montecristo No. 2 Torpedo are wood, cream, nutmeg, and cinnamon on the backend.

Available in a box of 25, the Montecristo No. 2 Torpedo is one of the oldest, yet delectable cigars on the market today.

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Arturo Fuente Don Carlos

It may seem like the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos has a space reserved on our Top 5’s, but that’s because most gems from Arturo Fuente respectfully deserve a spot each and every week. Next up on our list is the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos in the Pyramid shape.

For those new to the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos, this special blend was crafted by Carlos Fuente Jr. to honor his father for all the blood, sweat, and tears he put in to the brand that’s so well respected all across the globe.

This 6 x 55 medium to full-bodied smoke is cloaked in a stunning Cameroon wrapper, all while having tobaccos from the Dominican Republic to make up the filler and binder. Flavor notes you may detect while smoking the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos are dried fruit, chocolate, cedar, and sweet spice.

The delicious balance the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos provides throughout is a big reason you should get this gem in a cedar chest of 25 today at JR cigars.

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Padron 1926 Series

How could we possibly follow prestigious brands such as Montecristo and Arturo Fuente? Simple, we add another heavy hitter to the list. Our third favorite Torpedo cigar of 2021 is none other than the famous Padron 1926 Series. This is another cigar that always seems to find its way on one of our top lists, but can you blame us?

Created to celebrate Jose Padron’s 75th birthday, the Padron 1926 Series No. 2 Belicoso Maduro is a 5.50 x 52 Nicaraguan puro that is extremely delicious from start to finish. This full-bodied cigar has delicious flavor notes such as black cherry, coffee, chocolate, and nuts.

The Padron 1926 Series that landed a 97 rating comes in a box of 24 is the perfect smoke to enjoy if you’ve never experienced a torpedo cigar before. So go enjoy today!

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Leaf by Oscar Corojo

Next up on our Top 5 Torpedo Cigars of 2021, we have the Leaf by Oscar Corojo. This Exclusive Torpedo was rolled only for us here art JR Cigars. This extraordinary blend features all delicious tobaccos from Honduras that makes up the wrapper, binder, and filler.

This medium-bodied smoke features delicious flavor notes of white pepper, espresso, cream and wood that was featured in the original blend. However, for this JR exclusive, there is a layer of complexity that ends up being such a nice treat for your palate.

Available in a bundle of 10 now, you can stop by our website today and pick up the exclusive Leaf by Oscar Corojo torpedo!

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Aganorsa Signature Selection

Lastly on our Top 5 Torpedo Cigars of 2021, we have the Aganorsa Signature Selection. This cigar was specifically made to pay homage to the famous Aganorsa farm that grows a plethora of top-notch Nicaraguan tobaccos used for some of your favorite cigars on the market today.

This full-bodied smoke features top-notch Nicaraguan tobaccos throughout. Cloaked in a Corojo ’99 wrapper, the Aganorsa Signature Selection Torpedo has a Nicaraguan binder, all while Criollo ’98, as well as Corojo ’99 tobaccos make up the filler. Flavor notes you’ll detect in this 6.25 x 52 torpedo are white pepper, earth, and cocoa, all hile featuring sweet spice on the backend.

If you choose to get the Aganorsa Signature Selection Torpedo in a box of 20, you’ll find yourself enjoying this delicious Nicaraguan puro down to the nub. Head over to JR’s today and get the Aganorsa Signature Selection Torpedo!

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Top 5 Torpedo Cigars of 2020

The torpedo shape is one of the most recognizable in the cigar industry.  Its unique tapered edge has been showcased on thousands of different blends and remains one of the more iconic forms a cigar will take.  For this list, we’ve decided to break down our Top 5 Favorite Torpedo Cigars.

Montecristo No. 2 Torpedo

The Montecristo No. 2 is the most popular and well-known of all the torpedo cigars.  Dating back from the Cuban Montecristo brand, the No. 2 was the iconic size and shape of this legendary brand.  This Dominican version, covered with a silky smooth Connecticut wrapper, is creamy mellow and flavorful, making it a natural choice for a true connoisseur.

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Arturo Fuente Sun Grown Queen B

This might be one of the smaller torpedo’s on this list, but it sure does pack in the flavor.  The Queen B from Arturo Fuente uses aged Dominican tobaccos for the filler and binder, followed by a stunning and oily Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper.  This distinctive outer leaf emits notes of spice, wood, cedar, and earth making this little number a flavor bomb.

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Leaf by Oscar Maduro

The Leaf by Oscar line took everyone by surprise.  What seemed like a gimmick turned into one of the most talked about cigars of the year due to its terrific construction and rich bold flavor.  The Leaf by Oscar Maduro in the torpedo size is one of the most stunning perfecto cigars I’ve ever seen.  It is visually flawless with smaller veins and an almost perfect taper to the end.  Combined that with a top-notch blend and you have one of my favorite torpedo’s on the market.

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Oliva Serie V Melanio

The Oliva Serie V is one of the best cigar lines ever created.  The original V and the Melanio have been named a top 25 cigar of the year 9 times, which is nearly a record.  The Melanio its in box-pressed glory does make for a beautiful torpedo.  It feels good between the teeth and has a terrific burn rate.  Notes of cedar and spice with a dash of sweet flow effortlessly from this iconic smoke.

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Padron 1926 Series 40th Anniversary

It wouldn’t be a Top 5 list without a Padron.  After testing a number of different Padron torpedo’s, I decided that the blend that worked best in this shape and size was the Family Reserve 40th.  This award winning cigar is perfect in nearly every way, from its flavor, construction presentation and draw.

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