Top 5 Surprise Hitters

May 26, 2021

Top 5 Surprise Hitters

“Hitters” is a phrase our very own Nick Libretti has coined in a number of our Top 5’s, Reviews, and other cigar-related videos we’ve made. It’s meant to represent how good a specific cigar might be.

Now a “surprise hitter” is another phrase Nick made up that describes cigars we didn’t expect to be as good as they ended up being. Not that we didn’t expect these cigars on this list to be bad. We were pleasantly surprised with the outcome of each and every cigar on this list.

It’s always nice when you discover little treats, especially when it comes to cigars. From the likes of H. Upmann to CAO, here are the Top 5 cigars that we’ve deemed as “Surprise Hitters”. Don’t forget to get the limited-time sampler at the link below.

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HVC Edicion Especial 2015

Made exclusively with tobaccos from Aganorsa Leaf tobaccos, the HVC Edicion Especial 2015 was blended by manufacturer Reinier Lorenzo at the TABSA factory in Nicaragua. Reinier Lorenzo also found a way to pay homage to his home, Havana City with these limited-edition dark beauties.

What makes this a surprise hitter is how limited and rare it is. These smokes aren’t floating around the industry all that often. So, when you get a chance to smoke one, its elements will blow you away.

Cloaked in a gorgeous Mexican San Andres wrapper, the HVC Edicion Especial toro has Nicaraguan tobaccos that make up the binder and filler. Some flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking this medium to full-bodied Toro are cedar, cherry, spice, and earth. Available in a Toro and Toro Gordo, the HVC Edicion Especial 2015 is available on JR Cigars at a very favorable price.

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La Aurora 107 Nicaragua

With a history that dates back 107 years ago, the La Aurora 107 Nicaragua are some of the most sought-after Nicaraguan puros within the industry today. Released in 2020, the La Aurora 107 Nicaragua was created by LA Aurora’s master blender Manuel Inoa, who’s been handcrafting cigars for roughly 30 years.

Cloaked in a reddish Habano wrapper, the fine tobaccos that make up the La Aurora 107 Nicaragua gives off a delicious balance with flavor and strength. This medium to full-bodied smoke has delicious flavor notes of earth, cedar, espresso, and sweet spice on the backend. The 5.75 x 54 is featured in this five-pack sampler, however, the La Aurora 107 Nicaragua comes in a Robusto and Gran Toro.

The reason the La Aurora 107 Nicaragua was such a surprise for us here at JR was due to how much it improved from the original La Aurora 107. It’s hard to top a cigar and brand that’s been around forever and the La Aurora 107 Nicaragua did just that.

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Trinidad Espiritu

Within the last few years, Trinidad Cigars have stepped up their games with the release of the Trinidad Espiritu 1 and 2. Today we are covering the Trinidad Espiritu #1. The reason this delicious smoke was such a surprise to us here at JR because, in the midst of Altadis releasing bangers like H. Upmann 175 and the Henry Clay War Hawk, the Trinidad Espiritu held up its own against some of the heavy hitters that Altadis releases on a year-to-year basis.

Coming from the hands and minds of longtime friends turned collaborators, the Trinidad Espiritu had master blenders AJ Fernandez and Rafael Nodal behind the wheel of this gem. This cigar pays tribute to cigars that came out in the late ’60s, early ’70s with some of the best vintage Nicaraguan tobacco on the market today.

This full-bodied, Nicaraguan puro has delicious flavor notes such as cedar, pepper, vanilla, toast, and citrus zest that would pair perfectly with a Blue Moon! With the Trinidad Espiritu Toro available in this five-pack, the other sizes that come in this delectable smoke are the Belicoso, Robusto, Magnum, and the Fundador and all come in a box of 20, which is available on JR Cigars today!

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H. Upmann Hispaniola By Jose Mendez

Released in 2019, H. Upmann Hispaniola By Jose Mendez Cigars went under the radar due to the release of the H. Upmann 175th that swept the cigar industry by storm. However, when the hype from the 175th subsided, we here at JR tried the H. Upmann Hispaniola and loved every minute of it. We instantly recognized the brilliance that this cigar provided and is a big reason as to why it is on our Top 5 Suprise Hitters list.

Handmade in the Dominican Republic, the H. Upmann Hispaniola By Jose Mendez is cloaked in a stunning reddish-brown Ecuador Sumatra wrapper, all while being bound and filled with tobaccos from the Dominican Republic.  Some delicious flavor notes you’ll detect in this full-bodied smoke are toasted almonds, cocoa, cedar, and hints of spice.

With the Toro included in this sampler, the H. Upmann Hispaniola By Jose Mendez is a available in a Robusto size, as well as a Belicoso size, that arrive in a box of 20. If you want to be apart fo the luxurious history that is H. Upmann, then the delicious, complex H. Upmann Hispaniola By Jose Mendez cigar deserves a spot in your humidor today!

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CAO Consigliere

Last, but certainly not least, the CAO Consigliere is redux of a former blend that came out in the early to mid-2000s. It was created to pay homage to a certain amount of “wise guys” that graced our screen on HBO many moons ago. At the time, cigar fans thought the CAO Consigliere was a bit gimmicky for the industry. A couple of years pass and the redux of the Consigliere gained more traction simply because its flavor profile is otherworldly. It came as a surprise to the seasoned cigar smoker that the CAO Consigliere is actually one of the best cigars on the market today.

Cloaked in a gorgeous Brazilian wrapper, the CAO Consigliere has a binder from Honduras and filler tobaccos that hail from the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Nicaragua. Flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking this luscious medium-bodied smoke are pepper, earth, leather, espresso, and cream.

With the “Associate” size in this delicious sampler, the CAO Consigliere is available in other sizes such as the “Boss”, “Tony”, and “Soldier”, which all come in a box of 20. With all due respect, the CAO Consigliere is a cigar you simply cannot refuse to try.

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