Top 5 Big Game Cigars

January 31, 2018

Top 5 Cigars for the Big Game in 2022

The stage is set! On Sunday, February 13th, the Big Game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams will take place at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California. When it comes to attending a party for the big game, there are so many treats you can enjoy! I usually have a plethora of snacks such as Nachos, Wings, and Finger Foods, all while washing it down with ice-cold beers.

When the Big Game rolls around, it is usually too cold for me to enjoy a cigar outside. So for the ones who aren’t fighting off winter conditions every week, you could set the party outside in the beautiful weather.

With beautiful weather comes a chance to smoke some phenomenal smokes. Below are five of our favorite smokes we will be enjoying during this year’s Big Game. From AJ Fernandez to Crowned Heads, here are our Top 5 Cigars for the Big Game in 2022. Leave in the comments below what are some of your favorite cigars to enjoy during the Big Game!

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AJ Fernandez Last Call

First up on our Top 5 Cigars for the Big Game in 2022 is a pure football-related cigar. The AJ Fernandez Last Call was first inspired by AJ himself when he would share this blend with special friends and guests who would visit him at this and his factory and fields.

Later on, this became a staple for cigar lovers all over to enjoy this at the start of the fourth quarter of the big game. Much like last calls at bars, the AJ Fernandez Last Call is the smoke you light up to enjoy at the end of the night.

This 6 x 46 Flaquitas is cloaked in a gorgeous-looking Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper while being bound and filled with Nicaraguan tobaccos. Flavor notes you may detect in this medium to full-bodied smoke are molasses, black pepper, leather, cedar, and hints of citrus on the backend.

With six different sizes, that come in a box of 25, head over to JR Cigars now and pick up the AJ Fernandez Last Call to enjoy at the end of the football game. The way the playoffs have been going this year, the fourth quarter is bound to be an intense one.

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H. Upmann 175 Anniversary

Next up on our Top 5 Cigars for the Big Game in 2022 is a cigar that is made for celebration. The H. Upmann 175 Anniversary commemorates the brand’s existence when this line was released in 2019. So whether you’re a Bengals fan or a Rams fan, this is a smoke you want to enjoy to kick the big game off, or for when one of your teams hoists the trophy at the end of the game. Coming in one, 7 x 50 Churchill size is the perfect size to start the game off with a bang!

This Nicaraguan puro that utilizes Medio Tiempo leaves in its blend comes from the hands and minds of AJ Fernandez. Covered by one of the oiliest wrappers ever wrapped around a premium cigar, you’ll experience delicious flavor notes throughout this medium to full-bodied smoke. I’ve smoked this cigar a handful of times, and each time I keep pinpointing flavor notes of leather, white pepper, cashews, and vanilla.

A box of 10 of the H. Upmann 175th comes in high demand, so it’s wise of you to grab yours today and enjoy it for the big game with you and your pals!

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Las Calaveras 2020

The remaining cigars on our Top 5 Cigars for the Big Game in 2022 were smokes that were picked due to certain teams we thought would be playing on the big game on Sunday, February 13th. The Las Calaveras 2020 Limited Edition hails from the famed Crowned Heads. Crowned Heads is based in Nashville, Tennessee, which happens to be the home of the Tennesee Titans. Both powerhouse franchises in their own right, we figured we’d be seeing Derrick Henry and the Tennesee Titans in Los Angeles for the Big Game, but alas, they were stunned at home by Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals.

As far as the Las Calaveras 2020 goes, it is one of our favorite cigars to smoke here at JR. The Las Calaveras cigar line is one of celebration and paying homage to the ones we’ve lost over the past year. So with taking the more positive route, we figured another cigar birthed out of celebration would be fitting for this list. This 5 x 52 medium to full-bodied smoke has an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper while being bound and filled by tobaccos that hail from Nicaragua.

Flavor notes you may detect from the Las Calaveras 2020 are molasses, black pepper, oak, and leather on the backend. Available in two different sizes, that come in a box of 24, the Las Calaveras 2020 is a limited and rare smoke that won’t be around forever! So make sure to stop by our website today and get a piece of the celebration!

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Diamond Crown

Next up on our Top 5 Cigars for the Big Game in 2022 is a cigar from the famed JC Newman Cigar Company that’s located in Tampa Bay, Florida. Although Tom Brady retired less than twenty-four hours ago, his brief stint in Tampa Bay was a memorable one. His first year in Tampa he brought a championship to their city. So it isn’t that farfetched for us to think the Greatest Quarterback of All Time would have been back in the Big Game this year, and that’s why we chose the Diamond Crown as our pick in this Top 5 sampler!

When it comes to the Diamond Crown Robusto No. 3, you’re getting a complex cigar at its finest. With tobaccos from the Dominican Republic that make up the binder and filler, a stunning golden Connecticut shade wrapper drenches over this medium-bodied gem. This handmade stick, that has the perfect Fuente touch on it has delicious flavor notes of cocoa, vanilla, cream, leather, and fresh-cut grass.

Available in eight different sizes, with some of the same sizes utilizing different wrappers, the Diamond Crown comes in a box of 15 for a reasonable price! So for the Tampa Bay fans out there, your team may not be in the Big Game in two weeks. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a piece of Tampa on the day of the Big Game!

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Last but not least on our Top 5 Cigars to enjoy during the Big Game in 2022 is the Umbagog from Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust. With Steve Saka hailing from the New England area, we figured we’d add one of his more popular lines to the list due to the fact that you can never EVER count the Patriots out. Although they lost in the first round to the Buffalo Bills by 30 points, there is always hope for them to make it to the Big Game, whether they have Tom Brady or not.

Coming in the 6 x 48 Corona Gorda size, the Umbagog features an oily, silk Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper while being bound and filled with tobaccos from Nicaragua. Some flavor notes you may detect while smoking this medium to full-bodied smoke are pepper, cocoa, earth, leather, and sweet spice on the backend.

Available in six different sizes, that come in a bundle of 10, you can now snag the Umbagog on our website just in time for the big game that we hope you all enjoy!

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Top 5 Cigars for the Big Game in 2018


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