Top 5 Montecristo Cigars

February 7, 2018

Top 5 Montecristo Cigars of 2022

Alongside Romeo y Julieta and H. Upmann, Montecristo is a top billing cigar brand under the Altadis umbrella. Starting back in 1935, Montecristo quickly became one of the world’s famous Cuban heritage brands. Montecristo has become the symbol of excellence within the cigar community from a novice to a seasoned cigar smoker.

In the past, we’ve done a brand overview, of the Montecristo brand. But we figured we’d update our list and add two new gems Montecristo has released in the last three years. As Montecristo continues its excellence with its ever-growing portfolio, we present to you our newest Top 5 Montecristo cigars!

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Montecristo White Series

Leading off our Top 5 Montecristo Cigar list is the most popular cigar within the brand. If you’re looking for the elegance and taste of the original Montecristo, then look no further than the Montecristo White Series. The 6 x 54 Toro available in this sampler is among the popular sizes most cigar lovers gravitate towards. Boasting with unbeatable flavors due to the flawless construction, the Montecristo White Series was the first cigar I ever had that made me want to keep coming back for more.

Cloaked in an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper, the Montecristo White has tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic to make up the binder and the filler. This medium-bodied smoke will have your palate salivating over the delicious flavor notes this smoke provides. Some flavor notes you may detect while smoking this gem are cream, oak, cedar, and espresso on the backend.

With upwards of 10 different sizes that come in a pack of 5, a box of 10, or a box of 27, the Montecristo White Series is the cigar I’d choose repeatedly to get a sense of what true greatness tastes like. For you, novices out there, all these cigars on this list are ones I’d try first, but in a particular order, you can’t go wrong with the Montecristo White while shedding your novice skin.

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Montecristo 1935 Anniversary Nicaragua

The second cigar to make it on our Top 5 Montecristo cigars is a stick that recently came out and has gained all the accolades a new cigar could receive in a short amount of time. The Montecristo 1935 Anniversary Nicaragua was the second-best cigar of 2021 according to Cigar Aficionado. However, this is a smoke we haven’t been able to put down since it graced our stores and website in early 2021.

This cigar was created to celebrate 85 years in the business. What better way to celebrate excellence than have the prestigious AJ Fernandez on board? Joining AJ on this artistic endeavor were Rafael Nodal and the Grupo de Maestros. Flavor notes you’ll smoke while puffing on this award-winning smoke is wood, coffee, cinnamon, earth, and black spice on the backend.

The Montecristo 1935 Anniversary Nicaragua is a Medium to Full-Bodied smoke that comes in a box of 10. Besides the 5.50 x 46 “Demi” size available in this Top 5 pack, you can get four other sizes that all showcase some of the finest tobaccos on the market today.

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Montecristo Platinum Series

Landing in the middle spot of our Top 5 Cigars from Montecristo is another popular line within the brand, but somehow seems to get overshadowed at times. The Montecristo Platinum Series came out in 2002 and was essentially made for cigar connoisseur’s growing want and need for a full-bodied, full-flavored smoke.

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, the Montecristo Platinum has tobaccos from Peru, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic to make up the binder and filler. All while being cloaked in a stunning Mexican Cubano San Andres leaf for the wrapper. Some flavor notes you may detect while smoking this gem are oak, cedar, coffee beans, and a touch of salt and cocoa on the backend.

This medium-bodied 6 x 50 Toro is one of eight different sizes, that arrive in a pack of five, or a box of 27. If you found yourself falling in love with the Montecristo White Series, then the Platinum Series by Montecristo is the next one to add to your collection.

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Montecristo Epic Vintage 12

Next up on our Top 5 Cigars from Montecristo is a smoke that is even more “under the radar” than the Platinum believe it or not. Released in 2021, the Montecristo Epic Vintage 12   derives its name from the vintage long-filler tobaccos that are used in this blend. The Vintage tobaccos within this blend were created in 2012 and aged almost ten years since its inception.

Cloaked in an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, the Epic Vintage 12 has binder tobaccos from Nicaragua and filler tobaccos that hail from the Dominican Republic. Expertly rolled at the Tabacalera de Garcia factory in the Dominican Republic, the Epic Vintage 12 has some epic flavor notes that ooze out of the smoke and onto your palate with ease. Flavor notes you may detect with each puff are cinnamon, sweet spice, wood, leather, and cocoa on the backend.

The medium-bodied 6 x 50 “No. 2” is just one of two sizes under the Epic Vintage 12 name. Both the Blue No. 2 and the Blue Toro come in boxes of ten that are readily available on our website today!

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Montecristo Volume 1: 100 Days

With the Montecristo Cigar brand ever-growing, I’m sure we’ll be re-visiting this topic of the Top 5 Best Montecristo cigars. For now, the Montecristo Volume 1: 100 Days is our fifth cigar rounding out our Top 5 Montecristo Cigars of 2022 list. Inspired by the “100 Days” chapter of Andre Dumas’ classic “Count of Montecristo”, the stunning smoke you’re learning about before you today was created by the hands and mind of the Grupo de Maestros.

This medium-bodied smoke is cloaked in an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, bound by Nicaraguan tobaccos, and filled with tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Some delicious flavor notes you’ll detect on your taste buds are cocoa, wood, sweet spice, and leather on the backend.

Although we just feature a single, 6 x 52 Toro of Volume 1: 100 Days, this gem arrives in two other sizes that come in a box of ten that mirrors the novel this smoke was inspired from. So stop by our website today to get the 100 Days by Montecristo, and any four of these gems to add to your humidor today.

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Check out Nick’s top Montecristo cigar picks. Montecristo is a staple of the industry and every cigar smoker has had at least one of their brands. This list contains classics, new smokes, and underrated cigars from the Montecristo line. Tell us your go to Montecristo and buy a box today at JRCIGARS.COM.


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