Top 5 Cigars to Pair with Cider

October 17, 2019

Hello, my friends. Nick Libretti for and it’s time for another fantastic Top Five Video. Now as you can see, the leaves are falling, getting a little chilly. So, I decided to do my top five favorite cigars to pair with a nice, warm cider.

Now, it’s hard for me to put words on what you’re looking for in a cigar to pair with cider in terms of flavor profile, but you just know it when you see it and when I explain the cigars we’re smoking here today, you’re going to realize like, “Oh.”, and then you’ll know.

Cohiba Dominican

So, first up, we have the OG Cohiba or at least the OG Dominican Cohiba, also known as the Cohiba Red Dot, very smooth mellow to medium body, it uses a Cameroon wrapper over Dominican filler and binder.

So, it’s that Cameroon wrapper that gives it that warm, cinnamon, nutty, nutmeg flavor that really makes it pair well with a nice warm cider on a chilly Saturday.

You’re watching football, college football obviously, but perfect cigar for that and what a legendary label. It’s Cohiba man. It’s perfect.

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Montecristo Nicaragua Series

Next up, now if you want a little zest, maybe you’re having a hard warm cider. Maybe you’re just having trouble at work, so you’re just throwing them back a little bit.

I went with the new Montecristo Nicaragua series. This is the first Nicaraguan pure Montecristo. That’s a member of the core Montecristo lines.

So, you have the original, the classic, the white series, the platinum and now the Nicaragua. Handcrafted for Montecristo by AJ Fernandez.

A beautiful depiction of what a solid, medium body, Nicaraguan cigar should be. Good amount of zest in there, but also with some tremendous earthy notes and a little bit of leather as well.

I like this, the classic Montecristo band style. Nothing frilly about it. Just very simple and to the point. Fantastic cigar and a top 25 contender right there.

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E.P. Carrillo Encore

Speaking of top 25, the Encore from E.P. Carrillo. The cigar of the year last year. Again, another Nicaraguan puro. The first Nicaraguan puro that’s ever been made by Ernesto Perez-Carrillo and man, did he knock it out of the park.

Like I said, highly rated number one cigar of the year, full of rich flavors of nuttiness in there, some spice, some sweet spice actually. It’s also some nice hay notes that you get on the retro hale. Very complex, but also very subtle. I think it goes perfectly well on those chilly cool days.

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Ashton VSG

So, now this is for if you’re having a strong cider at night and it’s freezing. You have maybe a fire going, maybe a marshmallow over the fire.

This is the Ashton VSG, the virgin sun-grown made by the Arturo Fuente company for Ashton. It’s actually handcrafted in the DR using Dominican tobaccos and then this Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper.

It’s dark, it’s oily, it’s very spicy, but has that nutty core due to the Dominican tobaccos on the inside. So, very well balanced, very complex, but very strong as well.

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Padron Family Reserve 50th

And lastly, this is if you’re having a high-end cider, one of those New York apple ciders in the Hudson Valley, not like a juice you buy. A fancy cider.

You go with one of the best cigars to ever come out of Nicaragua. This is the Padron 50th. I know, right? Fantastic Nicaraguan cigar here, box-pressed. I mean, the wrapper is just flawless. You don’t see a single blemish in that. The burn is fantastic.

It’s that elevated Padron flavor man. You know it. It’s very unique to Padron. Combinations of rich smoke and some woodsy notes, some spice in there, a little bit of sweetness as well and this is one of the best cigars you will ever smoke.

Especially considering it’s coming from that exclusive Padron family reserve, high-end line, right? This is a serious cigar for serious people.

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What are some of your favorite cigars to pair with cider or what else do you drink in those chilly, October fall days? Let me know and the link for this amazing sampler, by the way, super limited. I think we only made a handful of them because of the Padron, but if you want, it’s right where Greg’s telling me it is. So, it’s right there. So, you’re going to get that sampler and you’re going to enjoy it and then who knows? Maybe I’ll see you next week. Take care.


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