Top 5 Cigars for Cigar Nerds

June 16, 2021

Top 5 Cigars for Cigar Nerds

Do you consider yourself a “nerd” of sorts? Whether you may be a “nerd” for sports, types of beer, or even cigars? Well, if you think you’re a “cigar nerd” then this Top 5 list is for you. “Cigar Nerds” usually know all things that are happening within the industry. If you are up on the latest cigar news, have visited multiple cigar factories, or if you know rare cigars that most cigar fans may never have heard of, then you definitely fit in that category.

So, this week’s Top 5 sampler is for all the cigar nerds out there! Some of the cigars that are in this top-notch sampler are so rare, that even a few of us here at JR has never come across them to smoke and enjoy. Without further ado, here is the newest sampler for all to enjoy! The Top 5 Cigars for Cigar Nerds is here, and we hope you enjoy!

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Illusione Fume D’Amour

Since 2007, Illusione cigars have been top-selling cigars throughout the industry. Being that Illusione is a small boutique company, I’ll go out on a limb and say that this specific brand caters to seasoned cigar smokers who love everything about smoking. Your novice smoker probably hasn’t ever heard of Illusione. So if you’re introducing someone to cigars, then the Illusione Fume D’Amour is a good start. Winning cigar of the year in 2014, the Illusione Fume D’Amour has been on several of our top 5 lists for the simple fact that it’s an amazing cigar line. In this week’s list, we have the Illusione Fume D’Amour in the 7.25 x 40 Juniperos size!

This medium to full-bodied Nicaraguan puro hails from Nicaragua where Dion Giolito hand rolled these gems at the Tabacos Valle de Jalapa S.A. Factory. Some flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking the Illusione Fume D’Amour are dark spice, coffee, cream, cedar, and subtle hints of leather on the backend.

Other than the Juniperos, the Illusione Fume D’Amour comes in four other sizes. A Viejos (5 x 50), Capistranos (6 x 56), Lagunas (4.25 x 42), and the Clementes (6.50 x 48) that all come in a box of 25. You can stop by JR’s today and pick up a box of the delicious Illusione Fume D’Amour today.

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Warped Don Reynaldo

The Warped Don Reynaldo is next on our Top 5 Cigars for Cigar Nerds list! Warped Cigars is another brand that very few novice cigar smokers initially have heard of. Over time if you enjoy the act of smoking cigars then anything from Warped comes highly recommended from yours truly. In our sampler this week we have the Warped Don Reynaldo, which was a tribute to founder Kyle Gellis’s father, Ronald. We should thank Mr. Gellis for igniting passion and hardworking traits Kyle took as a young child and ran with it all the way to the present day.

What makes this cigar even more appealing for cigar nerds out there was that originally the Warped Don Reynaldo only 100 boxes in the Warped Don Reynaldo Corona Deluxe size were made for production. With the popularity the Don Reynaldo gained over time, Kyle Gellis decided to make the Warped Don Reynaldo for all to enjoy!

This medium-bodied 5.50 x 42 Corona Deluxe is cloaked in a delicious Dominican Corojo wrapper while having tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic to make up the binder and filler. Some delicious flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking the Warped Don Reynaldo are nuts, vanilla, caramel, and hay.

As stated before, the Warped Don Reynaldo comes in a 5.50 x 42 Corona Deluxe size, as well as a 5 x 46 size called “Regalos”. Both sizes arrive in a box of 10 and you can pick up this unique line from Warped cigars at JR Cigars right today!

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Viaje Exclusivo Robusto

If you consider yourself a cigar nerd, then you have definitely enjoyed a few cigars from Viaje, specifically the Viaje Exclusivo Robusto. The Viaje Exclusivo Robusto was Viaje’s very first production the released in 2010. Now it may not be the cigar that put the company on the map, but everybody remembers their first love or in this case, creation.

What makes the Viaje Exclusivo Robusto earn a spot on this list was the fact that if you’ve ever smoked one of these, then you got to enjoy a rare and limited cigar in every sense of the word. There were only a total of 3,500 cigars originally made of the Viaje Exclusivo Robusto. In the grand scheme of things that isn’t a lot of cigars for a very popular industry to enjoy.

This medium to full-bodied Nicaraguan puro is cloaked in a Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper. This 5 x 52 smoke uses the finest Cuban seeds that produce an abundance of flavor. Some flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking the Viaje Exclusivo Robusto are chocolate, cinnamon, coffee, and caramel sweetness on the finish.

We highly recommend you get your hands on the Viaje Exclusivo Robusto whether through this top 5 sampler or at JR’s today! You don’t want to miss out on enjoying a very rare cigar.


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Cavalier White Series

Next up is a cigar from a company that is relatively new to the cigar world. Cavalier Cigars hails from Geneva, Switzerland, and has produced some of the tastier smokes we’ve had in the last five years. The Cavalier White Series Diplomate is the cigar from Cavalier cigars that are featured on our cigar nerds list today. We had this on here due to the fact this company doesn’t necessarily have the reputation of another company such as Dunbarton or Black Label Trading Co., but they are certainly on their way!

The Cavalier White Series is the flagship line for Cavalier and for good reason! The Cavalier White Series uses the finest tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic can provide. Drenched in a Habano wrapper, the Cavalier White Series Diplomate has filler tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic all while being bound by Connecticut Tobacco.

Some flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking the Cavalier White Series Diplomate are cream, wood, cocoa, and hints of dried fruit. This medium-bodied smoke is available in three other sizes. The Toro, the Elegantes, and the Medio and all come in a box of 20. So, make sure to stop by JR’s today and get the Cavalier White Series so you can enjoy some excellence right away!

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L'Atelier Extension de La Racine

The final cigar on our Top 5 Cigars for Cigar Nerds list comes from the hands and minds of Pete Johnson. Although Pete Johnson dedicates most of his time to Tatuaje, he started another subline called L’Atelier. One of the more popular lines under L’Atelier is the Extension de La Racine, which translates to “extension of the root” which is fitting because he’s graciously extending his talents to other lines we can all enjoy. The cigar featured in this sampler pack is the L’Atelier Extension de La Racine in the ER17 size. This extremely limited-run premium cigar is the main reason we had it on this list. If you’ve smoked one of these, let alone ever heard of the L’Atelier Extension de La Racine, then you my friend have deemed a “cigar nerd”.

This medium-bodied Nicaraguan puro was expertly rolled at the My Father factory. Some flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking the L’Atelier Extension de La Racine are mocha, spice, leather, caramel, and some nutty components on the backend.

With a limited edition cigar available each year they’ve come out, you can get the L’Atelier Extension de La Racine ER 14, ER 15, ER 16, and ER 17 now on JR Cigars!

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