Top 5 Anniversary Cigars

July 14, 2021

Top 5 Anniversary Cigars

Milestones in your career should be celebrated more often. Whether you’ve completed an achievement for anywhere from 5 to 50 years, it should always be embraced by you and your loved ones. A growing trend within the cigar industry that we have noticed as of late is “Anniversary blends”. I bet you any money that you could randomly pick a cigar company, look through their catalog, and you’ll be able to point out a cigar under their brand that represents a specific accomplishment.

Whether it’s Anniversary cigars for how long a cigar manufacturer has been in the business or how long the company has been around for how long a cigar manufacturer has been in business. Most Anniversary blends and cigar lines are limited edition smokes that use very rare tobaccos within the specific cigars.

So without further ado, here are our top 5 Anniversary Cigar! From Padron to Tatuaje, we’ve provided some rare, anniversary cigars for you all to enjoy! Don’t forget to check out our limited-time sampler in the link below.

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H. Upmann 175th Anniversary

The first anniversary of our Top 5 Anniversary cigars is one of our favorites here at JR! The H. Upmann 175th Anniversary kicks things off for us today!

To celebrate the companies 175 years in the industry, Altadis USA knew they needed to go all out for an anniversary cigar. So AUSA reached out to legendary blender AJ Fernandez to collaborate with this gorgeous-looking stick. Rolled at his factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, the 175th Anniversary by H. Upmann is a Nicaraguan puro that features a special, three-year-old Medio Tiempo leaf for the wrapper.

Some flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking the H. Upmann 175th Anniversary are coffee, white pepper, cashews, vanilla, and dried fruit on the backend that would pair so nicely with a scotch on the rocks.

This medium to full-bodied cigar is available in one, 7X50 Churchill vitola that arrives in a box of 10. So if you’re looking for a celebratory smoke to enjoy for any occasion coming up, stop by JR’s today and grab the H. Upmann 175th Anniversary today!

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Padron Family Reserve

Secondly, we have the Padron Family Reserve on our Top 5 Anniversary Cigars. In 2009, Padron released the Family Reserve line to pay homage to multiple milestones the company accomplished. Padron made a cigar The Padron Family Reserve 44 Years, 45 Years46 Years,  and the 50 Years to celebrate the number of years the company has been around for. However, for the 85 Years,  this cigar honors the 85th birthday of José Orlando Padron, who started Padron Cigars in 1964.

This Nicaraguan puro utilizes 10-year-old Nicaraguan tobaccos for the wrapper, binder, and filler in all five sizes of the cigar line. Some delicious flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking the Padron Family Reserve are bread, wood, nuts, and earth on the backend.

Boasting top-notch construction, the Padron Family Reserve comes in a box of 10 and is the perfect cigar to celebrate or gift to a loved one who’s celebrating a great milestone.

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Tatuaje 15th Anniversary

Next up on our Top 5 Anniversary Cigars is a cigar from a company we absolutely love! In 2003, Pete Johnson introduced the world to Tatuaje cigars! Throughout the years we’ve enjoyed numerous smokes from Tatuaje that we cannot get enough of. Fast forward to 2018, Johnson released an anniversary cigar to celebrate fifteen years in the business. The Tatuaje 15th Anniversary is for the fans of the brand who’s supported Pete and Tatuaje for all these years!

This medium to full-bodied cigar is cloaked in Ecuadorian tobacco, all while having Nicaraguan tobaccos that make up the binder and filler. The Tatuaje 15th Anniversary cigar has delicious flavor notes of earth, chocolate, pepper, and espresso that would pair perfectly with a delicious bottle of red wine.

Available in a 5.52 x 50 Belicoso Fino Claro and 6.50 x 52 Torpedo Gran Oscuro, the Tatuaje 15th Anniversary cigar is available on JR Cigars that come in a box of 10.

So if you have a 15th anniversary coming up in your life, light up the Tatuaje 15th Anniversary to enjoy alongside your milestone today!

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Viaje 10 Plus 2 and a Half Anniversary

The fourth smoke in our Top 5 Anniversary Cigars is an interesting one from Viaje. This limited-edition anniversary smoke celebrates its 12 and a half years in the business. Yep, you heard that right.

The Viaje 10 Plus 2 and a Half Anniversary may be a mouthful, but Viaje owner Andre Farkas decided to make an anniversary for its 12 ½ year mark, which lands right in the middle of the 10- and 15-year mark!

This full-bodied smoke is cloaked in a Mexican San Andres wrapper, all while having Nicaraguan Corojo ’99 and Criollo ’98 vintage tobaccos to make up the binder and filler.

Some delicious flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking the Viaje 10 Plus 2 and a Half Anniversary smoke are chocolate, cream, earth, cedar, and caramel that would pair perfectly with an iced coffee. Available in one, 6 x 54 size in either the “Gold”, “Red”, or “Silver”, that arrive in a box of 25, you can now get the Viaje 10 Plus 2 and a Half Anniversary cigar today on JR Cigars!

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Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Box Pressed Sun Grown

Last but surely not least, we have the Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Sun Grown to round out our Top 5 Anniversary cigar list! Celebrating its ten years in the business, the Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Sun Grown is hands down one of the most prestigious cigars to be manufactured at Tabacalera Perdomo.

This box-pressed sun-grown gem is a Nicaraguan puro, with tobacco that’s been aged for six years is medium to full-bodied in strength and taste. Some flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking the Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary are cedar, red pepper, rye bread, and caramel.

The Perdomo Sun Grown is available in a multitude of sizes such as Churchill, Torpedo, Super Toro, RobustoFigurado, and Epicure. Arriving in a box of 25, you can now head over to our website and purchase the Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Sun Grown today!

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