Top 10 Beginner Maduro Cigars

October 18, 2017

When you’re just getting started in the cigar world there are so many options for great cigars. We here at JR thought you could use some help finding the perfect beginner cigars so we came up with this list. Just because a cigar is dark doesn’t always mean its strong so if you think you might like a maduro check out some of these recommendations!


3 responses to “Top 10 Beginner Maduro Cigars”

  1. Jayme Hansen says:

    Partagas 1845 Black Label!

  2. theanlienanthropologist says:

    Padron. Is there even room for discussion on this? ;)

  3. Thomas Mercante says:

    Hey Nick, Great to meet you at the 2018 event at JR. Keep the videos coming, my team of cigar smoking buddies, love them.
    Your #1 Negroni drinking fan, Thomas

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