The Big Game and Gars!

February 4, 2016

The first Sunday in February is just a few days away, and I never miss the big game, even when my beloved Giants aren’t involved. This year is going to be exciting because the Carolina Panthers play in the same state where JR- “The World’s Largest Cigar Stores” reside! However, my love for Carolina is mostly a geographical thing, and having deep respect and admiration for Peyton Manning and his Bronco Boys, I really don’t care who wins, I just want to enjoy The Big Game and gars!

For me, this day means too much food, plenty or (too many) great drinks, and great cigars. Another part of the tradition is where I’ll be watching the game – my tastefully decorated apartment, which my ex-wife sarcastically dubbed “my Bachelor Pad”. C’mon, at 60 years-old it’s not a bachelor pad anymore, more like a senior living home that just happens to be cigar friendly. Thus, my married buddies who are prohibited from lighting up in their own homes will be flocking to my place yet again, to enjoy this safe haven for herfing!

Even if you don’t have a so-called Bachelor Pad of your own, you need to find a place where a good cigar is welcome. That might be your local cigar bar, cigar shop, maybe even a deck, or a garage. Just somewhere that you won’t be hassled. Now that the logistics issue is resolved, it’s time to decide what smokes will be accompanying you to the party. If you are still undecided, maybe I can help. Since this is, “Big Game 50”, why not choose this as your theme and bring along some top-quality 50-ring gauge cigars?

Here are a few of my favorites ….

Nothing beats a large bowl of nachos and a few frosty ones better than the popular Perdomo Special Craft Series Amber Robusto cigars. I know … I know, this a 5.5 × 54, not a 50, but it is so darn good, I can’t leave it off my list! A Cuban-seed Nicaraguan Sun Grown wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder, and the very best Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-fillers join forces to create a cigar specially blended for the beer enthusiast in mind. This beauty is medium to full-bodied with flavors of leather, spice, almond, and oak, and it burns so slow, it will take you right up to halftime!

Speaking of halftime, The NFL’s golden anniversary of the Big Game will feature Beyoncé and Bruno Mars taking the stage with Coldplay. For those of you that grew up in the 70’s, and remember REAL music, this is a great time to step away from the screen and enjoy the taste of a good old classic that’s been around as long as Led Zeppelin- the Punch Pita. This 6.12 × 50 bearing one of the most famous marques in all of Stogyland, is a powerful smoke loaded with rich earthy flavors and subtle hints of spice. you’ll still be savoring this wonderful stick long after they clear all that glitter crap off the field and the second half is well underway.

Now that (as I predict) Cam Newton and Panthers have thoroughly destroyed the Broncos 34-17 how about one final smoke? Since you have already planned to call in sick on Monday, and with plenty of nuclear hot wings, chips, and tons of “brewsky” still on tap, why not end the evening on a powerful note with the high-octane, super-premium Rocky Patel Fire Robusto. This 5.50 x 50 flavor bomb that bears the same name as its renowned creator, is a four-nation blend covered with a stunning triple-fermented Ecuador Habano wrapper leaf. This affordable cigar is overflowing with hearty flavors of leather, toast, cinnamon, graham cracker, sweet molasses, and cedar. If ever there was a cigar begging to be smoked after tons of great food and casual cocktails, this is it!

Wherever you go, and whatever you eat or smoke, I hope you have a wonderful time enjoying the Big Game. And for our customers living in the great states of Colorado and North Carolina … Since it ain’t my Giants, and thankfully not Brady and those damn Patriots … good luck and may the best team win!


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