Introducing the Rare and Exotic CAO Amazon Anaconda Cigars

November 23, 2018

CAO is a brand made famous for using the most exotic and rare blends to create a smoke that is unlike any other, and this adventurous spirit is evident in its huge portfolio of highly sought-after premium cigars. CAO’s team of master blenders are willing to travel to the ends the earth to craft unique and complex blends that have captured the attention of cigar aficionados and industry experts alike. One shining example of this quest to be the best comes in the form of the CAO Amazon Anaconda premium handmade cigars.

To the naked eye, the CAO Amazon Anaconda cigar is certainly not the prettiest stick you will ever see but the disappointment of its rather homely, yet unique appearance will be overshadowed by its amazing recipe. The blend encompasses a Brazilian Bahiano Habano leaf wrapper from the fertile Bahia region, a Nicaraguan binder, and two rare strains of Brazilian tobaccos, one known as Braganca, and the other Fuma Em Corda, a varietal found in the deepest part of the jungle that is fermented in ropes.

The tobacco called ‘Braganca’ is grown in virgin fields and is harvested just once every three years. The leaves are rolled by hand into tubes called ‘carottes’ and left to ferment under high pressure. After six months of natural fermentation inside the carrotes, they are transported by canoe from the rainforest and delivered to the CAO factory. The end result is a leaf with a distinct, and intensely delicious spicy sweetness not found in any other cigar but the Amazon Anaconda.

Fuma Em Corda translates into smoke on a rope which is also the name of the fermenting process for the rare premium Arapiraca tobacco from the Brazilian state of Alagoas. It is literally twisted into large ropes of tobacco, as opposed to the traditional way of stacking the leaves in large piles, or as they say in the trade— “pilonespremium cigars”. This aging process brings out all the natural sweetness’ of the tobaccos in a slow painstaking way that really pays off after you taste it in the final CAO Anaconda blend.

CAO Amazon Anaconda, available in just one Fuma Em Corda tobacco twisted 6 x 52 Toro size, offers an amazing cigar smoking experience. Be prepared for a full-flavored symphony of dark spice, earth, cocoa, cinnamon, dried fruit, toasted almonds, and sweet vanilla flavors, enhanced by a tantalizing toasty tobacco room note that will captivate other smokers nearby.

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If you’re looking to add some excitement and adventure to your premium cigar smoking experience, then the very limited-edition CAO Amazon Anaconda cigar is an absolute must-try!


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