Introducing the Awe Inspiring- Inspirado Black from Macanudo

July 19, 2016

Macanudo Cigars, owned by the General Cigar Company, are one of the best-selling premium cigars in America, and billions of stogie enthusiasts have come to rely on this brand for its steadfast consistency, extraordinary construction, and fabulous taste.

Starting with its inception in 1968, and for many years to follow, the brands popularity relied exclusively on one blend that boasted a Connecticut shade wrapper, a Mexican binder, and aged filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. The original Macanudo cigar was fashioned in both the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica using this same recipe, even though many smokers swore that one was better than the other was!

Fast forward to today, and the Macanudo brand still consists of the famous original, along with ten line extensions that range in strength from mellow to full. The newest addition to this legendary portfolio, the Inspirado Black, is one of the brands most awe-inspiring offerings to date.

Let’s face it; When Macanudo introduces a new premium line extension to their roster it’s truly something to get excited about, and the Macanudo Inspirado Black adds a whole new look to the brand that is certainly not the “Mac” your daddy smoked!

I must clarify one thing, although NEW to the American market, The Inspirado Black line of Macanudo cigars were actually first released internationally in 2004 to offer a bolder blend that most European smokers  (who have access to Cuban cigars) prefer. Handmade in the Dominican Republic, the recipe starts with a blend of Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Dominican tobacco fillers bunched inside a rare Vega Especial binder from the Dominican Republic. The stunning sun-grown Habano Connecticut wrapper covering this proprietary blend is almost black in color and glistens with a lustrous oily sheen, making it one the prettiest leaves you will ever find on sitting on top of a premium handmade cigar!

The complexity of this top-notch smoke is beyond reproach, from first draw, right down to the nub, Inspirado fills the palate with full-bodied notes of spice, dark chocolate, coffee, nuts, and cocoa. The cigar finishes with the signature creamy smoothness inherent to all Macanudo blends.

If you are a die-hard Macanudo fan, buying these cigars is a no-brainer, however if you have found the brand a bit too mellow for your taste, the Inspirado Black is a fully loaded, full body masterpiece that we recommend you experience the next time you buy cigars online at JR.


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