Introducing Crafted by JR Cigars

February 23, 2017

We are very proud to introduce Crafted by JR cigars. This is a new and growing lineup of premium handmade cigars coming from some of the world’s top manufacturers. Currently we have two beauties to offer you— so let us have a good look.

One of Central America’s largest tobacco producers, Casa Fernandez has been producing an extensive lineup of premium quality cigars for the past three decades. This famous company utilizes traditional Cuban growing and blending methods in order to yield the highest quality tobacco leaf. In addition, by employing only the most skilled artisans in all of Nicaragua, you are always assured that each cigar leaving the factory has been hand rolled to perfection.

Adhering to this tradition of excellence, Crafted by JR Casa Fernadez cigars are fine premium smokes cultivated with some of the finest and rarest tobaccos in the industry. Using only 100% fully aged all- Nicaraguan tobaccos for wrapper, binder, and filler, you will experience a full flavored smoke with notes of earth, wood, leather, cinnamon, and a distinct spicy sweetness on the palate.

Now let us have a look at the other famous manufacturer that has joined our popular lineup of Crafted by JR cigars. Responsible for some of the best premium cigars on the planet, the Oliva Company has amassed a portfolio of blends that are continually in the running for ‘Top Cigar of the Year’ honors, with the famous Oliva Serie V Melanio capturing the # 1 spot in 2014! Using the same exacting standards that made this company a household name in the stogie world, Crafted by JR Oliva cigars are gorgeous smokes blended with perfectly aged long filler tobaccos and covered with dark and oily sun-grown wrappers. With outstanding construction and an even burn, you can expect an amazing smoking experience with rich medium body flavors and a luring aroma that fills the room with a toasty and woody essence.

Once lit, you will experience perfectly balanced notes of notes of earth, leather, spice, cocoa, cinnamon, and that signature aged tobacco sweetness that a superbly blended Oliva cigar provides.

Like all of our other superb JR exclusives, both of these stunning  Crafted by JR cigars from Oliva, and Casa Fernandez come to you with a very affordable price.



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