INCH Natural By E.P. Carrillo No. 64 Cigars

October 18, 2019

INCH Natural By E.P. Carrillo No. 64

Released in 2012 at the height of the big ring cigar craze in America, the INCH Natural By E.P. Carrillo No. 64 cigar is one of three super-sized sticks from the master-blender Ernesto Carrillo that all weigh in at a whopping 60 ring gauge or over.

Ernesto Perez-Carrillo says the line was inspired by consumers asking for the company to make bigger ring gauge cigars, so in accordance with the demand, INCH Natural cigars were born.  When he decided to do the project, he didn’t want to just add these jumbo cigars to his  E.P. Carrillo Core Line, instead, he decided to create a unique blend that features only the best vintage filler tobaccos covered by a gorgeous Ecuador Sumatra wrapper and a Nicaraguan binder.

The fillers that Ernesto chose for this exceptional blend consist of Corojo, Criollo ’98, Cubano, Dominican Piloto, and  Nicaraguan Viso leaves. It’s pretty safe to say that very few cigar blends are more complex than this one.

The INCH Natural By E.P. Carrillo No. 64 cigar is expertly rolled in a box-pressed shape to provide a perfect burn and an easy draw, along with bringing out the utmost in refinement and balance from the flavor profile. And, speaking of flavor profiles, after toasting and lighting this jawbreaker, you’ll be greeted with savory medium to full-bodied notes of pepper, earth, toast, nuts, coffee, and wood.

Overall, it’s a huge cigar that demands plenty of your time to smoke, and a bigger guillotine or punch cutter to penetrate the cap. However, with these slight obstacles aside,  the INCH By E.P. Carrillo No. 64 can best be described as a  big ring cigar smokers dream!

I guess that you can say if you give Ernesto Carrillo an INCH, he’ll make a darn good handmade premium cigar!

Check out this 64-ring gem, along with the rest of the INCH  Natural line here on the JR Cigar website, and find the right one to fit both the size of your mouth (yuk yuk) and your smoking style.

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