Top 5 Honduran Cigars

October 12, 2022

Top 5 Honduran Cigars 2022

After the trade embargo of 1962 stopped Cuban companies from importing any products into United States territory, many heritage tobacco companies quickly moved out of revolution territory to settle in nearby neighboring countries with climates equal to that of their native home Cuba.

A quick 700 miles west of the cigar motherland in Central America Hondurans thrived with fertile soils and a cigar culture that was about to become even stronger than before ever since Spanish rulers established the nation as a primary tobacco trading post in 1765.

Since then and even more so now, Honduras produces some of the best-selling tobaccos on the market and offers blenders a wide variety of styles to work with from the region of fertile soils.

So sit back, grab yourself a nice cold Garifuna and enjoy the versatile tastes of the central American with our Top 5 Honduran cigars that we know you’ll absolutely love. And if you want to check out some more great cigars coming out of Honduras be sure to check out where you’ll find all these great smokes and more at great low prices.

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Eiora First 20 Years

Wrapper Type – Honduras

Binder – Honduras

Filler – Honduras

Origin – Honduras

Strength – Full

The Eiroa First 20 years is a great place to start if you’re looking to taste what truly good Honduran tobaccos are all about. This stick distributed by C.L.E. Cigar CO. is a Honduran puro that exudes elegance and class with some of the best flavors from the mineral-rich soils of Honduras.

What sets this boxed pressed stick apart from many of its competitors is the incredible use of aged tobaccos C.L.E. has curated to commemorate master cigar blender and C.L.E. C.E.O Christian Eiroa with 20 years of dedicated service.

Rich, dark, and oily, this rich Maduro smoke offers full-bodied flavors of dark chocolate, espresso, and zesty spice for a bold experience with fabulous smoke output. This cigar does have a bit of strength to it but it’s perfect for a mid-day treat out in the sun or after a big meal with your favorite drink of choice.

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Alec & Bradley Kintsugi

Wrapper Type – Honduras

Binder – Nicaragua / Honduras

Filler – Honduras / Nicaragua

Origin – Honduras

Strength – Medium-Full

The Alec and Bradley Kintsugi is a luxurious Honduran gem that excites the palette with peaceful flavors of dark roasted coffee, spice, leather, and earth. This beautiful cigar and its band pay homage to the Japanese art form of ‘Kintsugi’ which is fixing broken pottery with lacquer, gold, and or silver to make it new again.

The idea is to accept the imperfections of life and see beauty where traditionally we see something broken or trash. This cigar however is far from the textbook definition and instead showcases the top-quality tobaccos growing at Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas S. de R.L. and superiorly balances them in this fantastic stick.

With rich flavors, mild strength, and a balanced body, the Kintsugi which was released in late 2020 quickly became a fan favorite. This luscious stick even made it to the top of tons of cigar lists in 2021 including Cigar Aficionados Top 25 cigars with a 92 rating and even becoming our number one pick of that year.

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Henry Clay War Hawk Toro

Wrapper Type – Ecuador Connecticut

Binder – Broadleaf

Filler – Honduras

Origin – Honduras

Strength – Medium

Produced by Altadis U.S.A, Henry Clay cigars are unique in that they tend to steer away from the conventional and pride themselves on crafting bold smokes that truly showcase a new way of blending premium cigars.

What sets this gem apart from many other cigars using Honduran tobaccos is the use of Broadleaf tobaccos as a binder. Using broadleaf as a binder is unique since these larger leaves tend to be more flavor driven (hence better for wrappers)  since they’ve had more time to grow and take in more nutrients; plus their size is just perfect for also producing flawless wrappers when picked and cut.

But the War Hawk doesn’t stop there, it rebelliously wraps itself in an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper for even bolder flavors of critics and spice to balance out the sweet and earthy flavors of its Honduran filler and match up the strength of the broadleaf binder.

The Henry Clay War Hawk is an experience all its own and we know you’ll see when why you light up this Honduran beauty.

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Leaf by Oscar Maduro Exclusive Torpedo

Wrapper Type  – Nicaragua

Binder  – Honduras

Filler  – Honduras

Origin  – Honduras

Strength  – Medium

Leaf by Oscar is a hidden gem in the cigar industry in my opinion. Uniquely individually wrapped in 100% biodegradable tobacco leaves, Leaf by Oscar is truly a forward-thinking company producing equally innovative cigars.

Constructed in Honduras, the Leaf by Oscar Maduro is a medium body smoke that excites the palette with rich complex flavors of seasoned white pepper, mocha, and honey and is a great smoke for any new or seasoned smoker who likes a rich-silky body with complex flavors.

The dark oily exterior of this Honduran-filled and bound cigar is Nicaraguan but we won’t hold it against them! It is an absolutely stunning cigar when unwrapped, and in this exclusive Torpedo size you’ll find this cigar burns like a champ leaving you with ash prettier than a stack of dimes.

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Saint Luis Rey Toro Carenas

Wrapper Type  – Nicaragua

Binder  – Honduras

Filler  – Honduras

Origin  – Honduras

Strength  – Medium

Turning to the innovative and famed Grupo de Maestros, Saint Luis Rey Carenas is a luxurious smoke that will have you dancing like you’re in Havana.

Produced by Altadis U.S.A., Saint Luis Rey is a spicy, creamy, and savory treat perfect for those weekend getaways or late-night dinners. Medium in body, the flavors of this luscious rich treat expose notes of caramel, cedar, and earth all the way through to the final third in this unbelievable stick that will last you well into the night

With a Nicaraguan wrapper, this gem is assembled and built with some of the best Honduran tobaccos coming out of the La Flor De Copan factory in Honduras and we here a JR can’t get enough of cigars being built out of this factory; and in particular, this 6×52 size is fantastic so you’ll never experience a dull moment.

And don’t forget that all these Honduran cigars are available now for a limited time in our limited-edition sample pack that can be found always at the best prices here at

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Top Honduran Cigars of 2021

One of the many wonderful things about making cigars is that tobacco used to make up the cigar can essentially be grown anywhere across our beautiful globe. As of recent, Honduras has become a hotbed that’s produced some of your favorite cigars to come to emerge throughout the industry as of late.

In the early 1990s, the Honduran cigar industry really began to thrive, and eventually became the second country of origin for the US market.

Common tobaccos that are grown in Honduras are Cuban-seed Criollo and Shade Grown Corojo tobaccos. The three main growing regions in Honduras are El Paraiso, Jamastran Valley, and Danli, which are across the southeast part of Honduras, right by the Nicaraguan border.

So without further ado, we’ve compiled a list of the best Honduran cigars for you to try. Whether you’re a novice smoker or someone who’s smoked for a very long time, these Honduran smokes are worth a spot in your humidor.

Don’t forget to check out our limited-time sampler in the link below!

Eiroa The First 20 Years

Our second Honduran puro on the list is the Eiroa The First 20 Years. Grown in the Jamastran Valley region of Honduras, The First 20 Years is a celebration of cigar master Christian Eiroa’s two decades in the premium cigar business. Eiroa The First 20 Years is a full-bodied, box-pressed masterpiece that will have you savoring each and every puff.

Sticking to his roots, Christian Eiroa’s recipe consists of a well-aged blend of 100% Honduran tobaccos that delivers bold flavor notes of dark chocolate, espresso, and sweet and zesty spice. Available in four different sizes, The First 20 Years by Eiroa is a gorgeous smoke you will keep going back to, no matter the time of year.

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Camacho Corojo Maduro

The Camacho Corojo Maduro is for the cigar fans out there that love big, bold, and delicious premium handmade Maduro cigars.  The Camacho Corojo Maduro uses a unique combination of authentic Cuban-seeds from Honduras’ consummate location, the Jamastran Valley. This cigar features 100% Corojo tobaccos that are aged to perfection, all while cloaked in a stunning dark and oily jet-black wrapper.

This 5 x 50 full-bodied cigar delivers spicy, and sweet Cuban style flavors all throughout the smoke. The popular Camacho Corojo Maduro Robusto cigar comes to you presented in brilliant red and black band and is a perfect fit for aficionados that demand only the very best flavor from a vintage Maduro wrapped cigar.

Rocky Patel Number 6

To round out our Top Honduran Cigars of 2021 is the delicious Rocky Patel Number 6. Rocky experimented with several blend variations, but it was blend No.6 that really stood out, hence the name Rocky Patel Number 6 was born.

Cloaked in a Honduran Corojo wrapper, that’s paired with the finest Nicaraguan binder and filler leaves, the Rocky Patel Number 6 was carefully grown on Rocky’s own farm in the El Paraiso region of Honduras.

This medium-bodied, 6 x 50 smoke displays intricate layers of coffee, earth, toasted bread, and warm honey sweetness that ties these bold flavors together. With Rocky Patel’s recent tear of releasing one great premium brand after another, the Rocky Patel Number 6 cigars are certainly no exception and are worth every penny!

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Popular Cigar Brands from 2015

While not as well publicized as their counterparts from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, cigars made in Honduras are nothing to look down upon. The country’s temperate climate is perfectly suited for growing bold, flavorful tobacco, which in turn creates a robust, characteristically-Honduran smoke. Here are a few of the fine, but often-underrated, cigars from this Central American nation that every enthusiast should try.


Simon Camacho founded the brand in 1961 – it is one of the many cigar names that originated in pre-Castro Cuba. Following Camacho’s exile from the country, he moved his operations to Miami, Florida.

In 1995, after Camacho’s death, the Eiroa family acquired the company and moved harvest production from Nicaragua to the factory’s current location in Danlí, Honduras. Although the factory has now been sold to the Oettinger Davidoff Group, the Eiroa family still owns the Honduran tobacco fields that provide the materials for Camacho cigars.

Camacho produces more than 20 different cigars. Among them are Legend Ario, La Fontana, Camacho Corojo, Camacho Triple Maduro and Room 101.

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Punch Cigars

Another Honduran brand with roots in Cuba is Punch. Dating back to 1840, the company was named for a puppet in a traveling show. The brand changed hands several times before being bought by Fernando Palacio, a cigar maker who fled Cuba following the trade embargo. Today, the renowned cigar outlet is owned by Villazon & Company, which also holds two more Honduran lines: Hoyo de Monterrey and Belinda.

Today’s Punch cigars are manufactured in Honduras from Cuban-seed tobaccos grown in Central America. The brand is best known for its full-bodied premium smokes like the original Punch and the Punch Gran Puro. On the other hand, Punch also produces two lines of machine-made cigarillos for those with a lesser budget.

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Hoyo de Monterrey

In 1851, Spanish émigré Don José Gener y Batet began producing cigars under the brand name La Esceptión in Havana. A few years later, he transitioned the name to Hoyo de Monterrey. The brand remained in the Gener y Batet family until being sold to the Fernandez, Palacio y Cia firm, which already owned Punch and Belinda.

Soon enough, the company was taken over by the Cuban government and in turn, the brands were sold to the Villazon family. Today, the Villazons produce all three cigars – Punch, Belinda, and Hoyo de Monterrey – in a Tampa factory using premium tobacco grown in Honduras. Specifically, Hoya de Monterrey cigars include the La Hoyo series, Certified Vintage, and the Edición Limitada releases.


Like most Honduran cigars, the Belinda brand got its start in Cuba under the direction of the legendary Estelo Padron. There is still a machine-made cigar produced in Cuba named Belinda, but the non-Cuban, Honduran Belindas are all 100% handmade.

Another brand owned by the Villazon family, Belinda cigars are made from high-quality tobacco leaves grown in Honduras with a special Ecuador Sumatran wrapper. A second line called the Belinda Black wraps Honduran tobacco in a dark Medio Tiempo leaf grown in the Connecticut River Valley. Each Belinda piece presents a rich, enjoyable smoking experience that harkens back to the old days in Cuba.

If you haven’t already, get your hands on a Honduran cigar today. After all, with a characteristically rich smoke and personality all their own, these gems are definitely worth trying.

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