Father’s Day Cigars for 2015

June 19, 2015

Its that time of year again when we all take a break from our hectic lives and attempt to honor and celebrate fatherhood. I feel as though sometimes, Father’s Day is swept under the rug. Some even believe the holiday was created simply to match up to Mother’s Day, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Father’s day actually began in this country over 100 years ago by a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd to commemorate her father, a veteran of the Civil War who raised six children on his own. A century later, it seems to have become, like many American holidays, a commercial one. Stores pack their shelves with tools, ties, and trinkets in hopes that the casual passerby will remember Father’s day is coming and make a quick purchase. The T.V. is packed with war movies and sports, distracting us from the real purpose of the day.

I believe our dads are worth more than that. I cannot speak for everyone out there but I know that at the very least my dad is worth more than that. He is worth more than a cheesy Macy’s ad for a belt or a funny Hallmark card. They deserve the utmost respect and admiration for their roles in shaping our lives. In the stereotypical role of the father, especially the Italian American father, they are seen as the enforcers. Their job is to make sure we make it to 18 and can go out on our own. However there is so much more to it than that. My dad has played a long list of roles in my life including therapist, dietician, attorney, banker, coach, mentor, film critic, proofreader… I mean the list really doesn’t stop.

He taught me how to be responsible and balance my adult responsibilities. He showed me how to cut and light my first cigar, which as it turns out was a major plot point in the story of my life. He taught me certain life lessons that will stay with me forever. He taught me to talk less and listen more. He made sure I always asked other people questions about themselves and showed interest in their well being. He taught me how to be a gentleman. He taught me that Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays were the greatest ball players of all time and that Atticus Finch was an ideal role model. Atticus Finch was a man of great character and great respect, and that’s who my father wanted to me to idolize.

This is only the opinion of one young man and his own dad. Yet I know that many of you out there have similar experiences with your father. So this Father’s Day, do more than just a card and a lottery ticket. Let your father know how much you admire and respect him. Let him know that all those years busting his ass to send you to school are appreciated. Simply, show him you have become Atticus Finch, and it’ll make his day. Happy Father’s Day, Pop.


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