Cigars to Honor Veteran’s Day 2020

November 11, 2020

Cigars to Honor Veteran’s Day 2020

Veterans Day is a special day set aside to recognize and celebrate military service members for their dedication and loyalty. Many of us gather across the country to pay homage to all those great men and women brave enough to fight for what we all believe in, our freedom. A few months back, we compiled a list of smokes that would be a great gift for a Veteran on Memorial Day. To check out that article, go here.

So, on this holiday, we put together a sampler of the best cigars to honor Veteran’s Day in 2020. It would be a great gesture to gift this sampler to a Veteran you may know or any Veteran Support organizations that accept gifts. Check out our buying guide that will could help you purchase the right cigar for a Veteran close to you. Thank you to all the Veterans out there! Don’t forget to click the link below to get this sampler today.

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Southern Draw Cedrus

When thinking of veterans in the cigar industry, my first thought always goes to Southern Draw. This boutique company is actually run and operated by former U.S. servicemen and women.  It is headed by Robert Holt, who served in the U.S. Army. The Southern Draw Cedrus is called the company’s “most distinguished tasting cigar” by the founder of Southern Draw Robert Holt.

The Southern Draw Cedrus Belicoso Fino is rolled at the AJ Fernandez factory in Esteli has an Indonesian wrapper, with a Nicaraguan Habano binder, and filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. This full-bodied smoke has delicious flavor notes of earth, spice, cocoa, and herb. Whether you buy the Southern Draw Cedrus for yourself, or a veteran cigar lover, you’re supporting a Veteran either way!

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Rocky Patel Freedom Connecticut

Rocky Patel Freedom is the latest installment to Rocky’s popular patriotically themed Freedom line. Rocky Patel himself is living the American dream. He came over here and worked his way to the top after putting years and years of hard labor into his company. Another brave thing Rocky has done is put himself on the front lines to save the cigar industry. Rocky Patel has been fighting against regulation against the FDA, so the banning of tobacco won’t ever happen.

The Rocky Patel Freedom Connecticut Toro is cloaked in a Connecticut wrapper, with Nicaraguan tobaccos that make up the binder and filler. This medium-bodied cigar has warm, inviting flavor notes of cedar, cocoa, toasted almonds, and subtle hints of spice. With the patriotic box of 20, it comes in, alongside the star-spangled cigar band wrapped around it, the Rocky Patel Freedom Connecticut is a go-to smoke to enjoy on Veteran’s Day this year!

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Room 101 Doomsayer

Matt Booth, the founder of Room 101 Cigars, is a former Marine veteran who has reinvigorated his fans with a series of top-notch offerings.  The brand is heavily influenced by Japanese Culture, where Matt was stationed during his time in the Marine Corps. The new line from Booth himself, Doomsayer Aggressive Maduro is a smoke that turned a lot of heads once it was released.

With an Ecuadorian Maduro wrapper, an Indonesian binder, and long-fillers from Honduras, Nicaragua, and Pennsylvania, this medium to full-bodied smoke is for all you Maduro lovers out there! The Aggressive Maduro serves up delicious flavor notes of black pepper, chocolate, leather, and cream. So, stop by JR Cigars today to support our dear friend and Veteran Matt Booth by purchasing the Room 101 Doomsayer today!

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Henry Clay War Hawk Rebellious

Henry Clay was born in 1777 and lived a prosperous life until 1852. He was an American attorney and statesman who represented Kentucky in both Senate and House. Clay helped the Treaty of Ghent which helped end the war of 1812, where Clay earned the nickname “War Hawk”, due to his leadership during that time. Fast forward 170 years later, Altadis USA paid homage to Henry Clay by creating this limited-edition gem, the Henry Clay War Hawk Rebellious.

In 2019, the release of the Henry Clay War Hawk got endless amounts of praise and recognition. One year later, the Henry Clay War Hawk Rebellious is creating its own identity and respect from the entire cigar industry. Manufactured by AJ Fernandez, the War Hawk Rebellious has a rare vintage 12-year old Nicaraguan Habano wrapper, paired with the finest aged Nicaraguan binder and long filler tobaccos. This medium-bodied smoke has delicious flavor notes of spice, earth, cocoa, and cedar. Being a limited-edition cigar, the War Hawk Rebellious is a must-have for all to enjoy.

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Camacho Liberty Series 2018

The Camacho Liberty Series is a popular release every year since its inception in 2002. The Camacho Liberty Series 2018 is a return to the ever so popular 6.12 x 52 Figurado size that came out back in 2005. This patriotic theme fits in perfectly with this episode and Veteran’s Day in 2020. With a picture of the American flag within the box, and the Red, White, and Blue color scheme, the Camacho Liberty Series is fully dedicated to showing their patriotism and love for America.

The Camacho Liberty Series 2018 2005 Throwback Toro is a rare Honduran puro. Not too many cigars are made with all tobaccos from Honduras. This medium to full-bodied smoke has rich flavors of chocolate, leather, coffee, and hints of spice on the backend. To all the Veteran’s out there, thank you for your service and we hope you get to enjoy one of these smokes within the sampler on your Veteran’s Day.

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