Cigar Accessories to Enjoy This Christmas

December 16, 2019

Cigar Accessories to Enjoy This Christmas

With holiday shopping season in full swing, the question on everyone’s mind is “what can I get for that special someone?”.  Well, if that special someone enjoys cigars, then you’re in luck because I am here to save your holiday.

Buying cigars for someone is always tough, especially if you don’t know what they smoke or just if you have no idea about cigars in general.  That’s why I’ve always said to buy them a high-end cigar accessory instead.  Every cigar smoker needs their accessories, so it’s a safe way to get them something that they would love — without having to figure out what brands they like or anything of that sort.

Xikar Enso Cutter

This brand-new cutter from Xikar is at the “cutting edge” of cigar technology.  Do you see what I did there?  Xikar is one of the leading brands when it comes to cigar accessories, and their cutters are truly something to behold.

The Enso is the brand’s latest cutter design, and I think calling it sleek is putting it lightly.  It follows a similar design as the XO cutter, but is around 30% thinner and uses just one handle to push together its dual, razor-sharp blades.  Xikar always sets the bar high for its new cutters, and the Enso is about as high as you can go.

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Colibri Daytona Lighter

I have always been a fan of a single-flame lighter.  They are more accurate, and you reduce the chance of burning the side of the cigar, which would cause burn issues.  Among the single-flame lighters in our inventory, the Colibri Daytona is among my favorites.

This is a sleek, high-performance lighter that will provide you with the perfect burn, time and time again.  It uses a single action ignition on the side, and also offers a glass fuel window so you can see how much butane fuel is left in the lighter.  It is reliable and is offered in a variety of different colors, making this a great gift option for the holiday season.

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Stinky Ashtray

An ashtray is always a great gift to a cigar smoker, and none are more reliable than the famed Stinky brand.  Don’t let the name fool you, these are among the most popular ashtrays in the industry, and can be seen in cigar lounges and man-caves across the county.

The stinky offers four stirrups, meaning it can hold four cigars at a time.  The deep-dish means that there’s a lesser chance of ash falling out or being spilled.  They are also available in a wide variety of colors, including the artistic looking copper patina.  Honestly, a Stinky ashtray filled with cigars might be the perfect Christmas gift.

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Paradigm Travel Humidor

For the cigar smoker on the go, nothing is more important than a travel humidor.  These lightweight, plastic cases are the perfect way to keep your cigars fresh when you’re on the move.  Travel humidors have become a mainstay in the arsenal of the cigar smoker, and almost none do it better than Paradigm.

This travel humidor holds up to 10 cigars.  It is airtight, to keep the humidity with your cigars, where it belongs.  It is also water and crushproof, so don’t worry about the TSA hurting it when you go on vacation.  A solid travel humidor can be a life-saver to a cigar enthusiast, so they make great gifts.

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Xikar Lone Star Gift Set

Perhaps you are still unsure of what accessory you want to buy for that special someone on Christmas.  We have you covered with an array of great accessory sets, including this amazing setup from Xikar.  This gift set offers you three, high-end accessories that will be sure to put a smile on any cigar smoker’s face.

The Lone star gifts set contains a red, ELX lighter, a six-car ashtray, and the signature Xi1, teardrop cutter.  The cutter and astray and customized with an American flag and a red line, in honor of the brave firefighters who risk their lives for us every day.  There is also a version of this set for police officers as well.  This striking set will make anyone’s Christmas one to remember.

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