Best German Beer and Cigar Pairings to Enjoy for Fasching Day

February 19, 2020

Best German Beer and Cigar Pairings to Enjoy for Fasching Day

As winter begins to slowly die down, that time of year known as lent gets closer and closer.  This six week period has always been a solemn and holy occasion for Christians, but its beginning happens to be one of the biggest celebrations around the world.  The start of Lent is also known as Carnival in Western Christianity, and it marks the beginning of the season by holding massive celebrations and festivals around the world.

If you think you have no idea what I’m talking about… you do.  Mardi Gras is the New Orleans version of Carnival as it takes place right before the start of lent.  In Germany, however, the festival is known as Fasching Day.  In the spirit of this great celebration, I thought it would be a good idea to put a list of great German beer pairings together, to show you the best way to celebrate Fasching Day on your own.


German Beer and Cigar Pairings


This German-style wheat beer is made by the legendary brewery, Weihenstephan.  Try saying that three times.  It is a terrific, fuller-bodied beer with a smooth taste and rich aroma.  It provides notes of rich malt and banana combined for a unique and traditional German-style wheat beer.  It may be slightly harder to find, but if you get some, stock up.

In terms of a cigar pairing, this would go great with a variety of styles and bodies.  A Montecristo White, with its smooth, mellow to medium profile would go great, as would something slightly stronger, such as a Southern Draw Desert Rose.

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Hofbräu Original

While it might not be October, this is my favorite Oktoberfest style beer.  Hofbrau is one of the more famous German beers available around the world and is one of the main choices at any beirgarten in the US.  It has a slightly spicy taste with rich notes of malts and a touch of sweetness, creating a very well balanced lager.

While I hate to be to cliché, every October I do enjoy this beer with one of the Quesada Oktoberfests.  They go together incredibly well.  The balance and rich nature of the cigar that pairs up perfectly with the similar notes and style from the world-class lager.

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Goose Island Kölsch

While traditional German beers are often best when made by German breweries, there are several right here in the U.S. that make some dynamite products.  Take the Goose Island Summertime for example.  This is what’s known as a Kolsch style beer, a light, white wheat beer that is a favorite during the warm days of summer.  It has a lighter body along with floral notes and tremendous hints of citrus and grass.

For this pairing, you are looking for something flavorful, smooth and not too heavy.  I went with the Warped Flor de Valle.  This medium-bodied cigar, handcrafted with Aganorsa tobacco, has a well-rounded profile with great light fruit and citrus notes along with a floral aroma.

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Victory Brewing Company Prima Pils

Victory Brewing has always been a favorite of mine due to its wide variety and unique beers, such as the Golden Monkey.  However, for this occasion, you should look towards the Prima Pils.  This German-style Pilsner is brewed with German hops that give it a distinct, bold body with hints of spice, citrus, and floral notes.  Think of it like the Summertime Kolsch, but with a little more strength and body to it.

I found the perfect cigar for this beer, and it is none other than the legendary Espinosa Laranja Reserva. Using Brazilian tobaccos with a noticeable orange hue, this medium to full-bodied cigar is well balanced and offers up distinct spicy and citrus notes.

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