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June 14, 2019

Top 5 Cigar Lighters of 2021

One of the best parts of the holidays are the gifts you can stuff in a loved one’s stockings. Putting a box of cigars in one’s stocking may be a tad bit difficult.

However, adding cigar accessories that are small enough to hide in the stocking are the way to go. Lighters and Cutters are essential in the cigar smoking process, specifically the lighting portion of it.

We gathered five popular lighters we’ve used throughout the year to kick things off with our Top 5 lists in December. Some lighters on the list are super budget friendly, while others may break the bank, but are totally worth it. Welcome to the best cigar lighters review, and welcome to our Top 5 Lighters we’ve used in 2021.

S.T. Dupont Defi Extreme Digital Camouflage

Kicking things off on our Top 5 Cigar Lighters of 2021 is the most expensive one on the list. Priced at $234, the S.T. Dupont Defi Extreme Digital Camouflage lighter features a sharp camo look that’s a perfect lighter for when you go camping or hunting.

One thing we’d like to let you know about this lighter is that it takes a specific lighter fluid to fill. You can’t fill the generic lighter fluid that’s sold on our website. You need a special kind of lighter fluid, such as the S.T. Dupont Hooked Butane Canister to fulfill this need. I also suggest having someone at your local cigar shop fill it up for you, being that they will be more knowledgeable on how to do so.

Featuring a wide single flame light, the S.T. Dupont Defi Extreme Digital Camouflage only uses the best quality materials since its inception back in 1872. Regarded as one of the best lighters in the industry, the S.T. Dupont Defi Extreme Digital Camouflage is an exceptional gift for the cigar lover in your life.


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Colibri Firebird Afterburner

Next up on our Top 5 Cigar Lighters of 2021 is the cheapest lighter on our list. The Colibri Firebird Afterburner is $9.95, but don’t let the inexpensiveness of this lighter fool you.

Fitting comfortably in your hand, this three jet-flame lighter meets up together at the tipping point of the flame, igniting the luscious flavors of the cigar straight for your palate. Personally, I have three of these because they’re so affordable and reliable. I like that it’s a clear lighter so you can see exactly how much fluid you’ll need when it’s time to refuel this bad boy.

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Xikar Xidris Single Torch

Next up on our Top 5 Lighters of 2021 is the Xidris Single Torch from Xikar! Xikar is famous for creating some of the best lighters and cutters in the game. Sporting a Slate Gray color tone, this top-quality lighter delivers a powerful jet flame that will light your smoke with accurate precision.

Priced at just under $55.00, the Xidris is a stylish accessory for you or a cigar smoker in your family can enjoy. Another perk the Xidris has to offer is the free lifetime warranty all Xikar products provide. So, if anything were to happen to this gorgeous lighter, you’ll get reimbursed with it no problem.

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Lotus Citadel Flat Flame

Coming in at number four is the Lotus Citadel Flat Flame lighter. It could be considered one of the best luxury cigar lighters, since the sleek red and black color combination follows the same tradition of excellence as the luxury vehicle bearing the same name.

Its feel-good touch along with the flat flame isn’t the only perk of the Lotus Citadel lighter. This wind-resistant torch flame will allow you to smoke your cigar in all types of weather conditions and situations. This $120.00 reliable, high functioning, and admirable lighter from Lotus belongs in your accessory box next to your humidor today.

Xikar Verano Flat Bronze

Last but certainly not least is another gorgeous looking lighter from Xikar. The Xikar Verano Flat Bronze is priced rather high at $84.95, but that’s what you get when you want excellence in your cigar accessories.

The Verano Flat Bronze was the very first flat flame torch that Xikar showcased. Featuring a pull-down ignition with a diamond pattern accent, this easy red fuel window will help you notice how much fluid will need to be re-filled.

These five lighters are some of our favorite ones, but there are a dozen more options on our website. Go to JR Cigars today and look at our wonderful selection for you to enjoy.

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Top Cigar Lighters of 2019

Choosing the top cigar lighter can seem like an arduous task. With the sheer amount of accessory companies and the similarities many lighters share, it seems like it might be impossible to actually have the best cigar lighter. However, by comparing some of the top companies and testing them, we were able to compile a list of what we feel are in fact the top cigar lighters.  First off, these lighters all use butane fuel. Using a Bic or gas fuel lighter will leave a gasoline taste on your cigar and it is much more difficult to burn your cigar evenly.

The Lotus Orion

The Lotus Orion boasts an incredibly cool design. It has a push button start that conjures up notions of high-end Lotus sports cars.  Its two flames ignite at an angle to give you a precision burn on our cigar each and every time.  It also comes with a cigar punch that can be flipped out making this a great 2 in 1 tool.  All of these factors plus being visually impressive makes this one of the coolest cigar lighters on the market.

Vertigo Cyclone

If you shop for cigars online, specifically budget cigars, then you know that sometimes the best cigars are really the most expensive cigars.  This can also be said for the top rated cigar lighters.  The Vertigo cyclone retails for $10 and is a great everyday use lighter.  It uses a triple flame to really make sure your cigars are burning nice and even.  It has a clear body design, so you can see the amount of butane fuel that is left and can fill it accordingly.  With a little love and care, this durable cigar lighter can last years.

Xikar HP3

Xikar is one of the top accessory makers in the cigar industry, so it makes sense that one of their many cigar lighters would be present on this list.  The HP3 has a modern sleek design and comes in a variety of colors.  It uses three flames that all come to a point for a precision burn.  It also has two clear fuel gauges so you can see when it needs to be refilled.  Its bottom knob makes changing your flame strength incredibly easy and like all Xikar products, it comes with a lifetime warranty.  If that doesn’t make this one of the best cigar lighters, then I don’t know what does.

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Colibri Daytona

The Colibri Daytona is one of my regular use lighters and can be seen in almost every episode of our podcast.  This single flame cigar lighter was crafted to mimic the design of modern race cars, hence the name Daytona.  It is incredibly easy to maintain and its single flame stays straight and true.  While I was gifted a Blue camo version, the Gunmetal color is another great contender for the top cigar lighter.

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Black Label Dictator

The Black Label Dictator made the top cigar lighters list for one reason… its flame.  It still has a small flame change knob that requires a tool and it doesn’t have a clear fuel gauge, but that flame is awesome.  It is a wide flat flame that makes you almost paint the fire onto the need of the cigar.  In terms of effectiveness, this lighter’s flame is one of the best in the business.  Think of it like a Lamborghini… you don’t drive it every day but when you do it is a total experience. Arguably the best flat flame lighter in the market.

As you continue your journey buying cigars online, it is only natural you would like to add on a top accessory as well.  As you can see JR Cigars is stocked with the best cigar lighters in the world for the best price you will find.


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