10 Best E-Liquids

August 19, 2015

  1. Space Jam

These outstanding juices have since taken the industry by storm, because they are all delicious, expertly crafted, and well steeped. The offer a blend for just about any taste, and their flavors are spot on.

  1. Beard Vape Company

The small company based out of Venice, California is making a popular name for themselves by creating some of the richest, juiciest, and most flavorful concoctions available. Unlike most vendors, these guys just slap numbers on their blends, so you really have to do some homework before choosing. But picking just one may be an arduous task, given that they are all so expertly crafted, well steeped, and downright delicious!

  1. Suicide Bunny

Suicide Bunny is the extremely popular brand that started the gourmet vaping trend. The creator of these beautifully crafted e-liquids raised the bar on flavor, providing an e-juice experience that other vendors use to gauge the quality of their own products.

  1. King’s Barrel

King’s Barrel by E Generation formulated by blending experts uses only the finest ingredients that are pre- steeped and aged to perfection in rustic oak barrels. Their mouthwatering selection of gourmet blends are like no others, and offer a truly luxurious vaping experience.

  1. Kings Crown

Kings Crown is a beautifully crafted e-Liquid line from the maker of the enormously popular Suicide Bunny. The King takes Suicide Bunny’s success to a new level by adding even more intricate and unique gourmet blends to the company’s portfolio.

  1. Th3riac

Known for producing thick clouds and lush sweet flavors, Th3riac is a high VG juice created for those who love to drip. Their distinctive spot on candy, fruit, and dessert flavors, have earned them very high ratings in the vaping community.

  1. Johnson Creek

Johnson Creek considered one of the pioneers in the e-Liquid industry, released a premium e-liquid using naturally extracted tobacco as the base ingredient. While many juice companies focus on candy, novelty, and dessert blends, Johnson Creek continues to make blends that smokers and ex-smokers have come to love. Whatever extraction process they use, it simply is amazing. Their amazing juice smells and tastes just like the finest a premium pipe tobacco.

  1. Chaos

Brewed in the Windy City of Chicago by a small group of skilled artisans, Chaos Eliquid is a super-premium small batch juice featuring some of the most extraordinary concoctions ever created. Each blend offers an amazing mixture of dessert, liquor, and exotic fruit. A task less knowledgeable blenders would never take on. The result is some wildly delicious, mouthwatering concoctions that you wont find anywhere else.

  1. Proper

All steeped to perfection, Proper is a small batch eliquid company that offers some of the best tasting blends in the industry. With an assortment of flavor that include custards, brown sugar, buttery cakes, and assorted sweet fruits, each with their very own unique complexity, you’ll be compelled to experience them all. The frosted glass bottles really add to Proper’s luxury appeal.

  1. Alpha Vape

Alpha Vape is a very popular hand crafted juice that offers a distinct lineup of some the most exotic concoctions available today. Alpha’s flavors are intriguingly complex, smooth, sweet, and juicy, and each blend has a distinct personality and taste profile. From all day vapes to specialty treats, this versatile brand has you covered.


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