The Perfect Cigars to Get You Through The Holidays

December 3, 2015

Well. Its December already, and the signs of the holiday season are ever-present: holiday decorations galore decorate the stores, piped in Christmas carols are blasting in every office, garish holiday displays are popping up everywhere, and TV commercials focusing on selecting the perfect gift (albeit it’s always a Lexus or very expensive diamonds, play non-stop. In many cases, during this bustle of gift giving you may become overwhelmed with the emptiness and despair of not being able to present your loved one with a giant “Love Bunny” diamond, or a 70,000 car wrapped in a giant pink ribbon! I usually toss something solid at the big screen after seeing those offensive ads geared to only the most financially blessed- But I’ll save that rant for another time!

They say that during the holidays there is an expectation that people will be more cheerful. Obviously, the person that wanted to take a baseball bat to your cranium, because you allegedly snuck into her parking spot at WallyMart, apparently never got the memo.

Then there is the dubious task of running your credit cards to the max, buying thoughtful presents for all those folks on your shopping list. Including Uncle Ted, the cheap bastard that gets everyone in the family $5.00 gift cards to Plunkin Donuts. Yet the miserable bustard gets a boatload of good stuff in return-It just doesn’t seem fair – in fact, it can make your skin crawl … SONOFABITCH !

I know, gift giving is not the true meaning of the holidays, but just try showing up empty handed, and watch everyone’s spirit go right down the stinkin’ crapper!

Let’s face it, even though you took out a second mortgage on your house just to please everyone that has spent at least one week in your life, you will most likely be getting things you do not want or need. Therefore, Tis’ the season to reward yourself with some great premium smokes- you deserve it!

In a past blog, I’ve already discussed presenting cigars to others this holiday season, this year it’s time to indulge yourself with smokes that you want, sans the fancy ribbons, bows, and the stale bundle of Juan Shapiro Lonsdale’s that you toss in the garbage every year.

2015 was a banner year for the NEW JR Cigar and we have so many new and top-quality smokes in cue, including some that you may have passed over, so before you begin to indulge yourself this season, let’s have a closer look at some of the latest and greatest!

Introducing Uncharted Cigars, this new all-maduro blend is crafted at the famous A J Fernandez factory in Nicaragua. A thick and spicy San Andrés binder and a unique combination of 75% Nicaraguan and 25% Jamastran filler tobaccos sit inside a rare dark-brown Ligero Habano Ecuador wrapper. Like all Fernandez creations, this one is a real beauty! Medium-to-full-bodied in strength, these complex smokes are brimming with well-balanced notes of spice, pepper, cedar, black coffee, and caramel. Not only are these delicious, they come with an affordable sticker price that you will surely appreciate during this month of heavy spending.


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