The Original Casa Blanca Cigars: A Timeless Dominican Classic

December 26, 2019

The Original Casa Blanca Cigars: A Timeless Dominican Classic

Casa Blanca cigars are the Spanish translation for the White House. This is noteworthy because the cigars by the same name were originally made in very small quantities for President Ronald Reagan to celebrate his second nomination as Commander in Chief in 1984.  Well, not only were these premium cigars rejected by White House security before they reached the front gate, copyright infringement forced us to change the name… Hence the cigars were called Casa Blanca when they went into mass production a few months later.

The original  Casa Blanca cigars are an expertly handmade line of smokes that hail from Santiago, Dominican Republic. They start off with a Mexican binder and fully aged long-filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic.  Then, to offer some added variety,  you have a  choice between a  silky Connecticut Shade leaf or a very dark and oily Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper. You simply can’t go wrong either way, because if you love flavors of cream, cocoa, cedar, and spice, opt for the lighter wrapper. If you’d prefer a smoke with some chocolate and molasses added to these core flavors, then, buy the Maduro. It’s that simple!

On top of overwhelming popularity among our long-time  JR customers and newcomers alike,  the Casa Blanca line is widely considered to be one of the best mellow-bodied blends to come out of the Dominican Republic. And we’d tend to agree. To put it simply, this top-notch brand is made for smokers looking for a very satisfying, yet affordable cigar that they can enjoy all day without breaking the bank. Order some Casa Blanca cigars, and savor a timeless Dominican classic that never made it to the White House, but still found its way into millions of cigar smokers’ humidors!

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