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November 10, 2015

The Pilgrim leader, Governor William Bradford, had organized the first Thanksgiving feast in 1621. He invited the neighboring Wampanoag Indians to this bountiful buffet, which lasted three days. From that historic day forward, American families have all gathered on what is now known as Thanksgivings Day to stuff their faces with turkey, watch football (even though it’s always the damn Lions) and when the tryptophan kicks in -pass out cold. When you finally do wake up and realize Aunt Sadie is sleeping with her head in your lap, you will know it’s time for that special holiday dessert, followed by another premium handmade cigar .In fact that oily Punch Chateau L is just begging to be smoked!

So, what are you planning on smoking on this 403rd Thanksgiving Day since Governor Bradford ate the first drumstick? If you are not sure yet, maybe we can help.

Before the feast begins, a nice mild smoke is a great way to liven your palate and get the day started, and the Montecristo Classic Especial No. 3 is an excellent choice. This classic premium Corona contains the finest blend of Dominican filler and binder tobaccos, all snuggled inside a golden brown Connecticut shade wrapper. The Especial No. 3 is perfect mellow creamy smoke for just about any occasion-especially today!

I hope that you are not lining up early today, and foregoing this morning smoke to risk life and limb, just to get your hands on a 20 inch Flat Screen TV for $7.99. That is certainly not the meaning of this holiday! This is a day we give praise for all of our blessings. Such as our health, our home, our family, and most importantly, what we are going to smoke after that yummy Montecristo Classic Especial No. 3.

Its early afternoon now, and your in-laws – the Lipchitz’s, are about to serve some “nosh” to soothe those growling stomachs waiting for big bird to fully cook. This is the perfect time to enjoy a nice medium-bodied smoke. Here are a few good ones …

The classic Romeo y Julieta 1875 Bully is great “tweener” smoke. This popular Robusto has remained one of our best-selling medium smokes, thanks to its well-seasoned flavors of cedar, cocoa, hazelnut, leather, and subtle hints of sweet spice.

An oldie but goodie, the Gispert Robusto is a solid medium bodied gem with an affordable price tag. With roots dating back to 19th century Cuba, every puff delivers intricate notes of cedar, nuts, cream, cocoa, and buttery caramel. In addition, its 5 x 54 profile affords you tons of flavor and the perfect one-hour smoke while you’re waiting for that boring Detroit Lions game to end – guess what, as always – they will lose!

What would a Thanksgiving be without one of the most popular smokes to hit the cigar scene in the last 25 years? I’m talking about the legendary Arturo Fuente 8-5-8! This 6 x47’s rich nutty taste and incredibly fragrant aroma will truly captivate the senses. You may want to bring more than one, because every cigar smoker on the planet love these tasty sticks, not to mention that your cheap ass, grubby brother-in-law Mel never paid for a damn cigar in his life – or anything for that matter!!

Jumping ahead several hours, you have already stuffed your face, ate dessert, and checked to see if Aunt Sadie still had a pulse. You even had extra time to head over to Wally Mart to grab that $8.00 Flat Screen TV – Sadly, you can now only see out of one eye, and you lost a thumb in doing so –

But I digress …

That perfect medium to full body -after Thanksgiving dinner stick, that has been literally burning a hole in your Xikar– is ready to be smoked!

The new El Rey del Mundo Reserva Nicaragua is a beautifully constructed cigar featuring hand-selected filler tobaccos from Honduras and from the rich volcanic growing regions of Nicaragua. This wonderful cigar starts with a blast of sweet spice that is joined by scrumptious layers of earth, sweet cocoa, and cedar making it the perfect complement to an extra slice of pumpkin pie and a can of Schlitz. Since you have all the time in the world to enjoy this beauty, I would opt for the “Big Kahuna” of the lineup, the 7.25 × 54 Robusto Suprema.

As I mentioned earlier – today is a day to be thankful, and who would not be thankful to sink their teeth into our popular Black Abyss Cigars. Crafted by the same skilled artisans who brought you the highly rated Aging Room cigars, the Black Abyss delivers a full-bodied smoking experience that is as rich and flavorful as Aunt Sadie’s marshmallow sweet potatoes – May She Rest in Peace!

For some more premium full-bodied goodness, the new CAO Flathead V770 Big Block will keep your palate entertained for the three long hours it takes Uncle Wolfie to tell you how he got into the flooring business – for the fifteenth straight year!

Always looking to push the envelope, CAO has once again produced another one-of-a kind blockbuster. The Big Block is a 70- ring box-pressed beast with vintage Nicaraguan and Ecuadorian tobaccos, and an aged broadleaf wrapper. Fashioned to pay tribute to the 1950s and 60s muscle car and motorcycle culture, this robust maduro will get your motor runnin’ with high-octane notes of earth, spice, pepper, leather, coffee bean, and a dense warm, sweet aroma.

Well that’s about all for now, whether you take my advice and smoke the cigars mentioned above, or you are just planning to bring your own, the whole gang at JR wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving filled with happiness, joy- and of course plenty of great cigars!


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