The Long Awaited Yarguera H. Upmann Cigars

February 25, 2016

In the 1960s, the Arias family brought a very special seed from Cuba. After much searching, they found an estate situated between two mountains in the lush farmlands of Honduras. This nutrient dense patch of fertile land had the perfect climate and qualities to grow this plant once again.  For decades, the family painstakingly cultivated the sweet-tasting and aromatic tobacco even though it was a delicate and challenging crop. In an effort to make this seed more user friendly to grow, the agricultural experts from Altadis’ Grupo de Maestros sought out to combine that original seed with Criollo 98, a more robust and heartier varietal. After several years of effort, the new hybrid, planted at the end of 2013, began to thrive. Today, a new premium H.Upmann Cigar bearing the legendary Yarguera Farm name has finally made its long awaited debut.

The super-premium Yarguera H. Upmann was surely worth the wait, this distinctive smoke, starts with a  rare Yarguera 13 Tapado wrapper that is matured  using a very slow and careful method of air curing that gently brings out all of the tobaccos natural sugars and optimum flavor. The binder and filler as mentioned earlier, consist of Criollo 98’ crossed with this amazing Cuban-seed varietal brought over to Honduras from Cuba in the 1960’s. All of this Yarguera farm goodness results in a liga with luxurious medium-bodied notes of coffee, roasted nut, cocoa, and dark cane sugar.

The New Yarguera H. Upmann Cigars come featured in three popular sizes, the Robusto, the 5 × 56 Torbusto, and the Toro, all beautifully crafted in classic Cubano tradition.

Super rare tobaccos combined with magnificent flavor and outstanding construction make Yarguera H. Upmann one the most heralded releases since August, and Hermann Upmann started the brand in Havana way back in 1844!



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