The Legendary OpusX Cigar

May 26, 2016

Now in its 21st year of production, OpusX remains one of the most heavily sought after cigars in the world. These all-Dominican Cuban-seed gems have become synonymous with rarity and luxury and the brands loyal following of dedicated cigar smokers will travel far and wide to find them. Even Carlos “Carlito” Fuente Jr. himself never dreamed OpusX would become such a phenomenon when he first set out to create the first successfully grown Dominican puro in 1995.

The OpusX rage started back in 1994 when Cigar Aficionado sampled some and consequently rated them off the charts.  However, when the ratings came out, the cigars were not yet available. This created a monstrously huge demand before the brand was even released, and ‘herfers’ like everyone else in American society always want what they can’t have – it’s the nature of the beast! However once frugally released to the public, just about everyone agreed that all the hype was indeed real, and right up until today, OpusX in any size available, will last but a very short time in stock before being gobbled up by consumers.

So, what gives the OpusX its cult like following? Quite simply put -they are DELICIOUS!

Nestled in the rich, volcanic soil of the Dominican Republic lies Chateau de la Fuente, the famous factory where the Fuente family creates one top rated blend after another, including of course, its blockbuster marque-OpusX. To create this legendary recipe, Carlos and crew decided to challenge the mineral rich soils of the Dominican Republic, once deemed unsuitable for wrapper tobacco and turn it into gold. The unique combination of aged Fuente binder and filler tobaccos that rest below this stunning Rosado-hue top leaf produce flavors that are simultaneously smooth and bold with a deep earthy fullness, and an inherent sweetness that is so scrumptious it is literally hard to describe in words !

Thanks to the Fuente’s state of the art agricultural facility and the family’s unending search for perfection, the famous OpusX handmade cigar now has several equally impressive top-quality line extensions joining the original. One such brand is the Fuente Fuente Opus X the Lost City. Made in ultra-small batches, these beauties incorporate rare, 5-year aged Dominican tobaccos grown on the Chateau de la Fuente farm. Lost City uses a stunning, oily, and dark chocolate brown Dominican Corojo wrapper to complete the distinguished recipe. Lighter in body than its heralded cousin, medium-bodied notes of earth, spice, cedar and pepper meld beautifully with the delectable essence of cream, and caramel to create a smoke worthy of its legendary name. Limited to a 500-box production, Fuente Fuente OpusX “the Lost City” cigars come packaged in ten-count boxes complete with an individual serial number, and a certificate of authenticity.

Every true connoisseur owes it to themselves to experience the outstanding quality, artisanship, and flavor that goes into every OpusX super-premium cigar. Although expensive and very hard to find, once smoked, you will quickly realize that these gems were well worth the wait and the price; because when it comes to OpusX- the old adage, “you get what you pay for “really applies!



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