The Incredible Camacho American Barrel-Aged Cigars

August 5, 2015

Founded by Simon Camacho in 1961, Camacho Cigars has played a major role in offering the consumer some of the best Honduran smokes for many generations. Born in Cuba, Simon started his career in the cigar business in Miami, Florida. His outstanding blending skills, using the finest Central American tobaccos, quickly earned him a reputation of excellence in the United States, as well as abroad. Two of his most famous customers were the honorable Winston Churchill and Max Lipschitz. Some of you recall that Churchill was the Prime Minister of England and helped win World War II. More significant was Lipschitz, who turned the tide of history when he opened the first Jiffy Lube in Coral Gables.

Today under the ownership of the Davidoff of Geneva Corporation, this legendary company has taken the best that the Camacho line has to offer, and added a slew of exciting new blends especially geared towards the modern smoker. One of their most exciting new offerings is the Camacho American Barrel-Aged Cigars.

Roll out the Barrels.

Camacho American Barrel-Aged Cigars capture the best of old-world Cuba while still embodying the uncompromising American spirit, with bourbon barrel-aged Corojo filler at its core. The process begins
 with the Corojo plant that is grown almost entirely in Honduras in the Jamastran Valley, as well as parts of Western Kentucky. Noted for its thick and nutty taste, this rare leaf was used on most Cuban cigars before a disease wiped out most of the crop. This newer hybrid strain has become very popular with Camacho and other high-end brands.

To complete the recipe, these exceptional leaves are aged for six years and then locked in aromatic charred Kentucky bourbon barrels. After seasoning, this now ripe and splendid filler get a taste of good old homegrown American tobacco, including a broadleaf wrapper, binder, and filler, along with maduro filler tobacco from Pennsylvania.

Time to pop the lid and drink—I mean smoke—one.

From the very first puff, the Camacho Barrel-Aged exploded with flavor. Intense notes of charred wood, earth, pepper, and oak took center stage, then were quickly joined by lush notes of well-aged bourbon from the barrel fermented Corojo filler. Never overpowering, this symphony of decadent flavors meld beautifully throughout the length of the smoke, and finish as delightful as they started. This Camacho is so darn tasty that it is a very tough cigar to put down without burning your thumb!

Last call.

Challenging convention at every turn, Barrel-Aged takes good old Americana tobacco, and fine Kentucky Bourbon to new heights, thanks to the passionate artistry of Camacho’s master blenders.

In other words – it’s a damn good cigar!  In fact, I’ll bet that if Churchill and Lipschitz were alive today, they would both be smoking them.

Camacho American Barrel-Aged celebrates the hardworking grit of Kentucky bourbon makers and the passionate artistry of our master builders—working together to forge an intense smoking experience unlike anything else.


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