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October 30, 2015

To me, Halloween is a fun day for kids to get dressed up in costumes and go trick or treating. I love seeing the eagerness of little kids as they approach a house looking so cute in their costumes. I just hate when they knock on my door. I work very hard, and don’t want to come home and toss Tootsie Rolls into trick or treat bags all evening. I know it’s only once a year, but in my book, that’s once too many! Even my two dogs agree, they protest by barking non-stop through the whole nightmarish process- SONOFABITCH!

I get especially bugged when piles of “OLD” kids (like 12-15) show up at my doorstep wearing no costume other than a scary mask at 9 o’clock at night. That to me is very unacceptable, and somewhat frightening. If you are 6’ 2” and approach my property wearing a clown mask, be forewarned – I’m calling the damn cops!

Young adults celebrate Halloween with parties and a few (or quite a few) adult beverages. In my younger days, I had a lot of fun going to these affairs. Especially one that I attended in 1979. My buddy Ray dressed up in a white jumpsuit with Christmas bulbs all over it. What in the Hell he was supposed to be – I don’t think that he even knew! Nevertheless, several gallons of beer, and a few hours later, while attempting to walk home; he did a face plant on the sidewalk and smashed all of his lights.

These type of memories are part of our crazy youth, and we look back and laugh (hard) at them. However, that’s where it should end. Really, how pathetic is it seeing a 45-year-old co-worker coming to work in a Spiderman costume, or the 300-pound cashier at Wally-Mart decked out as a French Maid… Oy!

All of this ranting is just my opinion, and I realize that I am in the vast minority when it comes to this dreaded day, but I was dealt the arduous task of writing a blog about Halloween and cigar smoking, so without further ado,(or don’t)- I’ll get started.

Forgetting everything, I just said, Halloween is a wonderful venue for dressing up in a costume befitting your favorite premium stogy. Here’s an idea, attend that neighborhood party clad as Winston Churchill. Since he was famous for smoking big cigars, that tasty Macanudo Prince Phillip you’ve been dying to light up, will be considered part of your attire. I really don’t think the host (in her Elvira getup) will have the heart to make you smoke it outside and ruin your evening – at least this one time.

For those lucky enough to be going to stogy friendly events on this scariest of evenings, here are a few great smokes that pair perfectly with this venue.

Just begging for a Halloween gathering, is our popular Villainy Cigars. Inspired by the 1927 American silent horror film, “London After Midnight” starring (I want to suck your blood) Lon Chaney, these tasty devils are sure to thrill the palate, and soothe the haunted soul. Dark Ligero filler tobaccos from the fertile growing regions of Jamastran, Honduras, Estelí, and Jalapa rest inside a thick and tasty Habano binder. An oily, Viso Habano Jalapa wrapper is added for a tasty final addition. Succulent notes of earth, cedar, nuts, exotic spice, and a sweet creamy core will really energize the party!

Maybe this year, instead of one brand, you can bring a variety of cigars to the Rosenberg’s annual fright fest in Boca Raton. Why not go crazy, and show up with the Asylum Lock-Jaw 7 Sampler. After everybody drains out the punch bowl, this top-quality collection of 70-80 ring gauge smokes will not only serve up an insanely huge mouthful of flavors, it will also inspire a few sidesplitting selfies.


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