The Hot New Cohiba Royale Cigars

May 12, 2020

The Hot New Cohiba Royale Cigars

With a rich and storied history,  The Cuban Cohiba cigars were created in 1966 as Havana’s premier brand that was made for Fidel Castro’s private enjoyment, along with being handed out for diplomatic purposes. Since being released to the public in Cuba, the Dominican Republic,  and then  Nicaragua, Cohiba cigars are one of the most well-known brands in the entire world.

Synonymous with the luxury smoking lifestyle, Cohiba has once again made history with the hot new line of Cohiba Royale cigars, the company’s first blend manufactured in Honduras.

Produced by General Cigar Co.’s Honduras American Tobacco S.A. in Danli, Cohiba Royale is an uber full-bodied blend that was made with well-seasoned smokers in mind.

The cigars start with aged long-fillers from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua expertly rolled inside a sturdy Dominican binder. Then, for the piece de resistance, these top-quality tobaccos are covered by a  beautiful, Nicaraguan broadleaf wrapper grown in the Jalapa Valley – one of the most prized tobacco growing regions in the world.

After toasting and torching a Royale, you can expect a long-lasting smoke with rich and hearty flavors of black pepper, earth, cinnamon, and cocoa, all rounded out with a lush tobacco sweetness.

Sold in elegantly designed boxes of 10, and economical 5-packs, Cohiba Royale cigars give a nod to its proud Cuban heritage, and it’s a cigar that belongs in every serious smoker’s humidor.

Order yours right now from  JR Cigar, and get in the ground floor of a blend that’s destined to become a modern-day classic!

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