The Cigar Herf Explained

January 14, 2020

What is a Cigar Herf?

Many people may not know what does herf stand for. The origin of the word has been lost to history, but people agree that it began in the 1990s, on the early examples of online discussion boards.  This was before social media, so the only way cigar smokers would be able to find each other and discuss ideas was on these early message boards.

At the time, however, it was a term only used by hardcore aficionados and industry members.  With the expansion of the cigar community and the spread of information on the internet, most cigar smokers are now aware of what herfs are and have probably even attended a few.

Where are Cigar Herfs Held?

The beauty of the cigar herf is how casual they can be.  Many cigar groups, such as BOTL, will often post on Facebook about a herf at certain cigar bars and lounges with an open invite.  However, sometimes individuals will just host a herf in their backyard.

People will fly from across the country to attend certain herfs and the chance to meet certain cigar celebrities.

Many times, they will ask ahead of time if anyone has certain limited cigars to trade and they will work out the details before.  Other times, the herf can act as a trading market place, where people will bring their stash and see who is interested in trades.

What is a Cigar Herf?

What are cigar herfs like?

Cigar herfs have a great atmosphere and really give you a chance to delve into your cigar passion on a deeper level.

The beauty of the cigar herf is how casual they can be. A cigar herf can be a random party at a lounge or house, or it could be a really casual gathering at a bar. The setting varies, but the educational and fun experience remains the same.

Can I Attend a Cigar Herf?

Usually, cigar herfs are open to anyone.  If you see one on in a Facebook group or on a discussion board, it is polite to ask if you can attend if you are a new cigar smoker.  The community is very welcoming and a cigar herf is a great way to integrate yourself, learn more, and to make some great friends along the way.

Guys enjoying a herf

What to know before going to a cigar herf

If you’ve never been to a cigar herf before, it can be a little daunting not to know what to expect. However, I guarantee that it is a fun experience that is, in simple terms, a cigar hangout!

Use a travel humidor

This will keep your cigars fresh on the way to your herf and will provide you with a good smoking experience.

Don’t forget your cutter and lighter

You don’t want to be the person who is walking around and hassling everyone to borrow their cutter and lighter. Be prepared by bringing your own accessories.

Show off your favorite cigars

As you’re going to be mixing with the cigar community, it is a great idea to take your favorite stogie to show the people you’re going to meet. This gives you a chance to discuss your favorite smoke and get suggestions from other people on things you may enjoy.

See what cigars you can trade

When attending a cigar herf, people are enthusiastic towards trading cigars. Through online forums and message boards, you’ll often find that people attending a herf will ask if others want to trade cigars before the event. You could be lucky enough to find a really rare smoke!

Where to find a cigar herf

Cigar herfs can be found online through groups or from popular publications. You can successfully find a herf by browsing a new cigar forum or a cigar message board.

Once you have been to one cigar herf, you’re likely to have made friends in the community and will hear about more herf events through word of mouth.

Make sure to join the forums and attend as many cigar herfs as you can for a chance to find limited smokes that can’t be found online.

The cigar community is extremely welcoming, and a cigar herf is a great way to integrate yourself, learn more, and to make some great friends along the way.


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