The Booming Vaping Industry

September 8, 2015

The enormously popular electronic cigarette industry is growing in leaps and bounds. Once viewed as a passing fad, has turned into a three billion dollar industry that is here to stay (we hope)!

So how does an ecig work? When you take a drag, a battery is activated, and that in turn heats up the atomizer, then it vaporizes the fluid inside, and you inhale it just like a regular cigarette. The fluid (or juice) as it’s often referred to, is typically made of either propylene glycol, or vegetable glycerin. Those looking for a thinner liquid with more pronounced flavor will opt for PG (Propylene Glycol) while those looking for thick clouds and a more smoky flavor will choose VG (vegetable glycerin) .

The History of Electronic Cigarettes

A medical researcher named Hon Lik, who at the time was a very heavy smoker, invented the original ecigarette in China. His father died from lung cancer and this inspired him to create a good alternative that would deliver nicotine to smokers in a much cleaner way. He came up with a battery-powered device that could heat and vaporize eliquids laced with nicotine. This device mimicked the same way one would smoke combustible cigarettes by inhaling and exhaling the vapors, minus the harmful chemicals found in your favorite stinky.

The Early Days

In the beginning, these devices had poor batteries and the eliquids tasted so awful, that countless early adopters just gave up. Yet, many new upstart manufacturers realizing the un-tapped potential of electronic smoke, began to introduce top-quality devices to the market, and through trial and error, employing their technical skills, and lots of ingenuity, they finally got it right.


A standard flashlight was one of the first common uses for an e-cig battery, specifically modded; these crude devices inspired the design for the current e cig tubed mods you see on the market today. Such as the popular Aspire CF Sub Ohm, and the Innokin SVD 2.0 .

The Industry Today

As the culture grew, more and more people wanted higher performing e cigarettes and batteries with many assorted features. Any device that didn’t resemble a traditional cigarette became referred to as a Mod. Today, these ingenious Mods come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations.

There are digital mods with variable voltage/wattage settings, like the Innokin iTaste VV 3.0, Kamry 20 Watt Mini Box,  and the tremendously popular KangerTech Subox Mini, which also comes with its own tank.  There is also mechanical mods without complex circuitry, pen shaped mods such as the Vaporotics E-Slick Macro Vape Pen, cylindrical mods, and an ever-growing selection of stylish box mods, capable of holding anywhere from one to three batteries.  Designs, styles, and functionality for these complex components are constantly evolving to meet consumer demand.

There is also a niche, high-end market where buyers pay hundreds of dollars for custom-built mods offered in very limited quantities. These unique beauties, artistically fashioned, use costly materials such as stabilized wood, gold plating, or high-grade steel. Just like a Dunhill Pipe, or Cartier Watch, they serve as a status symbol for those who fancy the finer things in life.

In addition to different battery configurations, there are tons of atomizers to choose from that offer different functionality. These fall into categories such as  premade atomizers ,cartomizers, clearomizers, and dripping atomizers from now famous company’s such as KangerTech, Mustank, and Innokin, just to name a few.

What purpose would all of these mods serve without some great juice to put in them? Today, unlike the early days, there are so many luxury blends to choose from that feature fruit, tobacco, desert, novelty, and exotic flavors. Companies such as Suicide Bunny, King’s Barrel, Space Jam, Johnson Creek, and so many other juices, have re-defined the way we vape, by making it a gourmet experience similar to  premium cigar and pipe smoking.

Regardless of your lifestyle or vaping experience, there’s a set up that’s just right for you, whether it be the basic cig-a like such as V2 or Smoke Stik , right up to the Kamry 180 High Wattage  device that is so powerful, you can dial in your vape anywhere from cool and refreshing, to sizzling hot! What started out, as a novelty item for tobacco cessation has turned into a wonderfully relaxing hobby with an incredibly large selection of juices, accessories, and mods available for purchase.

Where the future lies for this industry, is still a big question, because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may indeed alter its rapid growth by enforcing stringent regulations and hideous taxes.

Today, there are two associations diligently attempting to protect our rights to vape—the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) and the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Association (AEMSA). Both are committed to this industries growth and expansion, we are all counting on their success.


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