The Bold New Alec Bradley MAXX Cigar

May 10, 2016

In 1996, Alan Rubin decided to pursue his favorite passion in life, premium handmade cigars, so in a very daring move he sold his family import business and founded the Alec Bradley Cigar Company. Right from the very start this decision turned out be a wise one as the brand quickly caught the attention of consumers worldwide. Steady growth followed and Rubin really caught on fire with one top-rated blend after another, and his pinnacle of success came in 2011 when Cigar Aficionado magazine named his now famous Prensado the Cigar of the Year. However, Rubin, not one to rest on his laurels (or Hardy’s) continues to top the boutique charts with a completely new series of awesome sticks including the one being featured today- The Alec Bradley MAXX.

Taking his marque to new bold heights of full-bodied goodness, MAXX is the perfectly balanced fusion of dark, sweet tobacco taste, opulent aroma, and his signature superior construction.

These immensely huge smokes are covered with a thick and dark Habano wrapper that beckons you with its lustrous oily sheen. The sleek silver and black band with the word MAXX in white that sits atop these parejos depart from the company’s more conservative issue and really add some modern panache to the presentation. Joining this immaculate wrapper is a three-nation blend of the finest aged Colombian, Mexican, and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos snuggled inside a rare and delicious Costa Rican binder.

The MAXX is one of those cigars that almost looks to handsome to light up, but once torched; this slow burning behemoth immediately tackles your taste buds with a potent peppery blast. Just as soon as you realize this baby means some serious business, the complexity kicks in, and delectable notes of earth, licorice, sweet spice, and espresso take turns teasing the palate until the final third when more subtle flavors of charred sugar, and creamy caramel start peeking through.

Available in four popular sizes, each one tipping the scales at a 54 or greater ring size, MAXX is tailor made for the “herfer” that demands a huge heaping helping of top-quality Alec Bradley flavor. Just leave yourself plenty of time, because these slow-burning beauties demand your full attention!




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