Terrific Torch Lighters Sold Here at JR

June 27, 2019

Torch lighters come in many styles, shapes, and sizes, but here at JR, we have a few that really stand out from the crowd and make the fine art of lighting your premium handmade cigars a unique and exciting experience!

Inspired by high performing luxury sports car design, PorscheLamborghini, and Lotus have created a series of compact, reliable, eye-catching cigar lighters available in several sleek styles to add some more horsepower to your smoking experience.

A company made famous for its unique, patented cigar cutters, the Xikar Company has also established a stellar reputation with its full line of premium torch lighters that come with the same lifetime warranty.  A real standout in the Xikar lineup, the Xikar X Flame Cigar Lighter features a  protective flip cap covering a quick thumb action ignition that unleashes a super-powerful windproof torch flame. However, what separates the X Flame from all other cigar lighters on the market is the fact that it’s a fully electronic, battery-powered device that heats up rapidly. The burner is designed to evenly light up to a 62-ring gauge cigar with the precision accuracy you’ve come to expect from Xikar.

Enthusiasts looking to go the high-end route will want to add an S.T. Dupont Cigar Lighter to their accessory collection. The epitome of luxury and precision artisanship since 1872, this famous French company has been using the highest quality materials available to manufacture exceptional products that not only perform seamlessly but have also become treasured heirlooms that increase in value.

On the opposite end of the price scale, Vertigo Cigar Lighters are a fusion of form, function, elegance, and seamless performance, all delivered with a very affordable price point. Ergonomic, and always comfortable in the hand,  the Vertigo cigar lighter lineup features powerful torch precision in your choice of either dual, triple and quad models to make lighting your cigars a snap!

Are you looking for something completely different, and want tabletop performance? Then, check out the Vector Quadpump. Presented in a handsome black and chrome finish, this one-of-a-kind tabletop lighting machine delivers a blazing hot quad-flame wind-resistant torch that makes short work out of any premium cigar. With this beauty resting on your table, you’ll look forward to lighting your cigars almost as much as you’ll look forward to smoking them! And,  with a three- size punch cutter attached to the bottom of the Quadpump magnetically, you can tell your friends to leave their bulky cutters at home when they come to visit you for a relaxing smoking session.

We’ve just barely scratched the surface of the many premium Torch Lighters in our massive cigar accessory inventory… so stay tuned for some more great recommendations in a future blog.



Porsche ALPS Black Flat


Lamborghini Cigar Lighters


Lotus Cigar Lighters


S.T. Dupont Cigar Lighters


Vertigo Cigar Lighters


Vector Quadpump Cigar Lighter



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