Swisher Sweets Blunt Cigars

July 9, 2019

Swisher Sweets Blunt Cigars

Since 1958 the classic Swisher Sweets Shield has been the symbol of excellence when it comes to top-quality machine-made cigars. An affordable smoke passed down through the generations, every Swisher Sweet cigar contains the finest Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed short filler tobaccos to offer a taste that rivals many value-priced handmade offerings. Top-notch construction and stringent quality control standards assure a surprisingly slow burn for a domestic machine-made cigar.

Available in a wide array of aromatic and non-aromatic blends, featured in various slim cigarillo sizes, the Swisher Sweet Blunt cigars standout as one of the company’s most popular offerings. Rolled in a larger 4.88 × 42 format, and featured in classic boxes of 60, Swisher Sweet Blunt cigars are the original cigars that your dad,  grandfather, and maybe even your crazy uncle, smoked since 1958.

Mellow in strength, and oozing with a  warm and inviting tobacco sweetness, backed by creamed coffee, cedar, and hints of soft spice, the world famous  Swisher Sweets Blunt cigar is the perfect everyday treat for lunchtime breaks, running errands, doing chores, or when you simply don’t have the time to sit back and relax with a full-sized premium handmade.

Swisher Sweet Blunt cigars are nostalgic smokes that have truly stood the test of time, so why not pick up some the next time you buy cigars online,  and join the millions of satisfied smokers that have been enjoying these gems for 61-years!

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